Eco Blanco white tiles by AGL have a good SRI (Solar Reflective Index) making it one of the best flooring solutions for your roof especially beneficial in summers.

Here are a few more benefits of it:

1. Rejects Solar Heat


AGL Eco Blanco roofs tile reflects and emits solar heat instead of absorbing it. It also emits the absorbed radiation back into the atmosphere. These tiles are best suited for Indian climate,especially in summers. By reflecting back the sun’s heat, the inside temperature of your room remains cooler.Install it now and reduce the temperature by 4 to 5 degrees centigrade.

2. Saves Electricity


During summers, electricity bills are higher than ever. We frequently use methods to stay cool or use ACs, fans, coolers to escape the heat. As a result, our overall budget goes down the hill into electricity bills. The best affordable way is to get rid of summer heat simply by installing a tile on your roof. And the best one is AGL Eco Blanco roof tiles. It repels the sun’s heat which ultimately reduces the conduction of the heat inside your room making it cooler.

3. Anti-Skid


Unsafe or slippery floor tiles may result in accidents. Therefore it is recommended to avail for anti-slip floor tiles for safety purpose for your home. AGL Eco Blanco rooftiles are anti-skid, durable and long-lasting. They are one of the best flooring solutions for your roof and can be used in dry/greasy areas.

4. Anti-Bacteria


AGL Eco Blanco roof tiles are suitable for places where standards of cleanliness and hygiene are a priority. It prevents the growth of algae and fungal inside it. Further, it is also non-porous in nature that avoids absorption of moisture which initiates cracks.

5. Stain Resistance


AGL floor and wall tiles are known for their high hygiene property, apart from their appealing aesthetics. AGL Eco Blanco vitrified tiles are easy to install and maintain. Not only they are durable and long lasting, but also they have the non-stain quality of vitrified tiles. Moreover, they have very low porosity which makes them stain resistant.

Choose AGL Eco Blanco tile to adopt smart solutions and beautiful living!