Adding a tile to your stairs will enhance its beauty tremendously. Some of the continuous mistakes people are prone to make are not checking the quality of the material. There are chances that tiles might end up being of bad quality and might not able to withstand daily wear and tear.So, choosing the right tile can be daunting. To lessen your burden, this blog explains the benefits of using AGL Step Riser for your stairs, which is one of the most popular floor materials nowadays.

1. Fully Body Vitrified

AGL Step riser tiles are hard, dense, solid and full body vitrified making it resistant to most heavy impact and stresses. As it is non-porous in nature, it is able to repel liquid penetration. This makes the tiles stain resistant as the staining agents cannot penetrate down easily through the tile material. AGL Step Riser tile is available in various dramaticcolors, making it popular floor material for your staircase.

2. Anti-Skid Surface

If the floor tile is slippery, it can lead to major accidents. Hence, it becomes important to choose a floor tile that is able to maintain the grip. Not only it should be slip resistant, but also no trouble should be endured to the users in climate changes. This is whyAGL Step Riser is considered as an ideal tile made from natural material, non-greasy and is extremely tough to lead a relatively long life.

3. Easy to Clean and Maintain

AGL Step riser is stain and water resistance which make the material easy to maintain. Spills can be spot-cleaned with warm water while sweeping will keep loose debris off the floor. Also, it is resistant to cracking and breakage from stress and physical impacts. However, if a tile is damaged, it is not difficult to remove and replace with another.

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AGL tiles are a perfect blend of safety and style. They are formulated carefully keeping in mind environment they will be used. Further, tiles are given a perfect finish with an elegant look that won’t leave your wallet considerably light.

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