AGL Vitrified tiles are a popular option in home decor due to their multiple benefits including durability, design variety and affordability. But, before consider AGL Vitrified tiles, here are a few things you should know:

1. How are Vitrified tiles made?

Clay is combined with feldspar and quartz and is molten to liquid glass state. It is then solidified which makes vitrified tiles one of the hardest material.

2 .Why Vitrified Tiles?

  • •  Vitrified tiles are formed by the process of vitrification making them very strong

  • •  They are scratch and stain resistant.

  • •  Vitrified tiles can be used for both indoor and outdoor spaces of your home.

  • •  They have a consistent design, pattern and texture

  • •  Vitrified tiles are stronger than ceramic and porcelain tiles

  • •  They can withstand high traffic and therefore are popular for residential areas.

  • •  They are easy to lay and maintain

3 .Types of Vitrified Tiles

  • •  Full body vitrified tiles: They have uniform pigment throughout the body and perform well against chipping and scratches.

  • •  Double charged vitrified tiles: They have a pattern with a double layer of pigment that is only 3 to 4 mm thicker than other tiles making it ideal for commercial projects like retail, education, factories and malls.

  • •  Digital/Glazed vitrified tiles: They offer amazing design possibilities and surface textures.

  • •  Glazed tiles with nano-polish: They have excellent scratch-resistant and slip-resistant abilities,have a super glossy finish and superior polished surface, making them ideal for hotels, offices and as wall-tiles.

  • •  Soluble salt tiles: These tiles are screen printed and are polished. They are also resistant to strain and scratch making them durable.

4 .Newer products at AGL

AGL Tile has launched new products that are a perfect choice for both commercial and residential projects.

  • •  Step Riser: It is full body vitrified with an anti-skid surface. The tile consists of good mechanical strength which can withstand high friction, are durable and remain in shape for years.

  • •  Eco Blanco: It reflects sunlight instead of absorbing it thereby, reducing the inside temperature of your room by almost 5 degrees. This leads to a reduction in the conduction of heat in your room which in turns saves electricity. Moreover, it prevents the growth of bacteria and fungus!

  • •  Tac Tile: It is a unique non-fade, non-slip ground surface indicators tile. These indicators give cues of the impending hazards to the blind and visually impaired.

The versatility of these tiles makes it even more popular for commercial and residential use.

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