One trend we’ve been seeing is people opting for designer, dark colored tiles witheye-catching grout nowadays. So, in contrast to what others prefer, if you’re looking for a fun color with an unexpected and playful touch, brown is for you.

Below are a few brown patternedtiles in different shades for you.

1. Parking/OUTDOOR & Tiles


Considering parking and outdoor areas, brown color adds a lot of jazz to your surroundings. The color matches with the nature, making your entryway and parking slot look unique! Due to its versatility, this texture works great as a floor tiles. It adds a rustic touch to your outdoor-areas.No doubt why nature lovers prefers brown in garden areas!

2. Kitchen Tiles


Kitchen is one of the more common spaces for tiles. You can have many creative ideas on how to decorate the kitchen as well as protect the walls. Moreover the tiles should be low maintenance that makesevery day easy cleaning easy. As you can see in the example pictured here, the intricate detailing of the tiles makes the kitchen more visually interesting. It does not absorb moisture and can be cleaned with just warm water. The tip here is you can use different types combined with different textures of kitchen tiles together.

3. Bathroom Tiles


Most bathrooms have a few different tiles used together to create a cohesive look. When selecting tiles for bathroom, don’t try to limit yourself to plain or sophisticated ones. In smaller spaces, aesthetic brown color will seem overwhelming. AGL bathroom tiles are durable and water-resistant. They are also easier to clean and easier to maintain over years. In case of brown tiles, grout lines of any color would contrast sharply. Tip is to use such a tone of grout that will almost blend with the rest of your tile

4. Living area


Majority of the people feel they are short on space at home and are in dire need to make their room look spacious. Usage of glossy tile is one of the great ways to do that. But, the best way is to use make specific areas of your living room decorative. Highlighting the custom-made areas will create an illusion of two different areas. But in actual it will be the same space like the rest of the room.

Similarly, the entrance of a home is one of the places which is important and gets dusty easily. This is why AGL wall tiles are great as they will protect the walls from getting dusty. It can also be cleaned easily to give your entrance the shiny appeal it deserves.

Opt for AGL tiles and and give a classy feel to your home.