While you get great options to pick a tile from AGL, selecting a right tile for walls of your homecan get a little daunting. That’s why we’re here’s to give you a friendly guide on “why to choose a Grestek tile?”

Choose wisely and transform your walls into something glamorous.

1. High versatility

AGL Grestek tiles are versatile product and can easily be used as a piece of art on walls of your home. They’re matt finish gives limitless possibilities and endless design opportunities on how these sturdy wall tiles can be used in residential and even commercial places. These tiles hold a capability to make conversation with their uniquecolors and textures. They can enhance the experience of your room making you feel connected even in an enclosed wall.

2. Very colorful

Choosing an ideal color for your wall is crucial to ensure that it matches the furnishings of your home. Colors also play a role to create a suitable backdrop and decorate the rest of the room. You will have varying color options at AGL for Grestek tiles along with “Where-to-use guide”. For example, for a space where you rest and relax, the color should be soft and soothing shades that will calm your nerves after your hard day at work. Give your home walls a charismatic appearance now!

3. Design options

Creating a striking living space has now become easy with AGL Grestek tiles to add a unique statement to your home. Grestek tiles are made up of natural stone that add an elegant touch. Matt finish is a popular trend that brings warmth and natural look to your space. Grestek wall tile is thebest way to add eye-catching texture to your rooms. Looking for a fresh perspective for your living area? Go for patterns like cobblestone or englishbondwhich offer a sophisticated look. Need a suggestion for a design trend– extendyour tile design up to the ceiling or theentire wall.

4. Tile characteristic

Mechanical strength indicates compactness of the Grestek tile and the maximum stress it can withstand without breaking. AGL Grestek tiles ensure greater MOR and come without the danger of flammability. They also have low water absorption capacity. Since they are made of natural stone and areless porous, the tiles are durable and require lower maintenance.

Select any AGL Grestek tiles and add a stylish personality to your home!.