AGL Grestek tiles are a popular floor and wall material. But, every Grestek tile has its unique characteristics and tile finish is one of them. Below are a few of the Grestek tile finishes offered by AGL. Read about it and learn which tile finish will work best for your home décor.

1. Glossy

The smoothness of glossy tiles is exceptionally uniform. A glossy tile reflects light to make your home look aesthetic. A mirror-like effect will make your space look considerable bright. AGL glossy tiles create an illusion making your room look spacious.

2. Matt

It is less smooth than gloss. AGL tiles with matt finish are considered an ideal choice for flooring. It is more used in outdoor areas and bathroom due to its better slip resistance. It is popular due to its natural look and soothing ambience.

3. Metallic

Metallic finish tiles have a very distinct appearance. AGL Metallic finish Grestek tiles are a blend with wood touch. Such tiles would add an extra touch of grace to your home. It is a popular choice for corporate offices.

4. Polished

Polish finish tiles have a high gloss appearance. Their shine and smoothness is enough to make your home look lavish. Tiles having polish finish make any color look brighter. They have a mirror-effect and are usually used in luxury hotels.

5. Rocker Rustic

With its fabulous look and feel, the rocker rustic finish gives you home floor an immensely attractive appearance. AGL rocker rustic finish floor tiles can be used for both indoor and outdoor. Have a makeover and give your home an ultra-modern demeanor!

6. Satin

If you are looking for something is a blend of contemporary and modern feel, satin finish is for you. Such a finish is easy to clean and maintain.It is smooth to touch and adds a stylish feel to any room of your house.

7. Silk

AGL Silk finish tiles are often seen in sophisticated colors. Stunning silk finish tiles have the ability to complement any classic, contemporary or transitional space.

8. Sucre

Sucre is a finish which gives a very natural effect to the tile. It is perfect for achieving a traditional look. AGL Grestek tile with sucre finish actually looks more expensive than it is.

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