Thinking of renovating your home and are stuck on which flooring material would work best? Here’s a half work done for you. Find out why AGL Quartz floor tiles would be a great decision for your home

1. Multi-coloured designs

There are many alternatives available for you in terms of colour and pattern in Quartz floor tiles. AGL offers 13 unique colours in crystal series alone and 30+ colours in another series combined. Choose any desirable option from different categories to give your home an appealing look.

  • o  Crystal series adds delicacy by its unique colours
  • o  Elegant series is known for its refined finish
  • o  Emerald series consists of a homogenous mixture of colours
  • o  Silken, Spectra and Swiss series carries a bold look
  • o  Onyx series have timeless beauty tile designs
  • o  3D series is a special-effect-design tile

2. Extremely durable

The top priority of a flooring tile is to withstand loads from the footfalls on it, avoid friction and prevent them from slipping. Quartz stone floor tiles from AGL falls under these criteria. They are tough and durable. They do not require any special treatment for maintenance. It is a nonporous material that does not hold-on or absorbs spilled-liquid which makes every day cleaning easy for you. As a result, no regular sealing is necessary even in a long run. It is not sensitive to chemicals and remains in excellent condition years after installing it.

3. Cost-effective

Looking at the cost benefits it provides, Quartz floor tiles from AGL has good ROI (Return on Investment) and is considered beneficial for a long term investment. However, AGL Quartz floor tiles are economical even in initial purchase. They are engineered in a way that has absolutely no hidden or long-term cost. It is a quality material that fulfills every scenario needed to be called an effective floor tile.

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