Just when people thought a new square wall trend is far-fetched, AGL Tiles is here to go beyond the realm of the set standards. Retire the tired and get introduced to the classic square tiles.

1. Emerging Tile Trend

In an array of a captivating trait, Zirve Grey Square Décor, Pacifico Square Décor, New Carara Square and, New String Square Décor are everywhere. Their unique style and texture have managed to sway over years and are ready to be in trends for all good reasons. The style is classic, dramatic, bold, and matches practically everything we carve for in a tile. These wall tiles come with lower water absorption capacity that prevents any damage by moisture or spills. With an undeniable stunning look, they can withstand around 700 N of stress – good enough to remain in a shape for a long time.

2. Intricate Detailing

Janero Square Décor, Impact Square Décor, Jakarta Square Décor, and Artiz Square Décor come with very sophisticated designs that allure graphic and modern look. The staggered pattern of these tiles embraces sleek fixtures while the decorative scheme will contribute to a refined look for your home. Its cleaning properties and breaking strength add to the compliment. If you are looking for something that is purely artistic – these premium looking tiles is certainly your answer.

3. Eclectic Designs

Want to get a tile which is a bit different than a retro or modern look, but not entirely? Crook Square Decor, Artiz Square Decor, and Denim Square Décor are a mash-up of new and old. Intricate designs are paired with humble looking compositions to give your home walls a refreshing twist. They bore high breaking strength that goes well with their versatility. Encompass your bathroom walls with one of these tiles from floor to ceiling and get a display that steals the show.

4. Standout Material

Repetition of a square pattern from large to small will give a refined finish to your home walls. Fabric Square Décor, Oak Square, and Sydney Square Décor use contrast colour block to highlight patterns of these tiles. The tile design streamlines textures with tonal contrast to bring a finish to your walls that is statement-worthy.

Get a well-suited square tile for your home space from AGL Tiles and embrace the change.