Kitchen floor tiles

✒ Living Room Design

Living Room Design

You might not agree with the all-white living room design, right? Well, most of the people think that it is not the right choice to go for the whole space painted in white color. But trust us! This is one of the hottest trends these days! To go unique, people also select white wall and floor tiles! To convince you on this note, we would suggest you have a light textured for perfect mixture that distracts the presence of black and blends easily. This would bring a subtle yet urbane look into your space.

✒ Bathroom Design

Bathroom Design

If all black bathrooms scare you but yet you want to have essence of black and white wall & floor tiles with little softness – a pattern work is for you. Not monotonous, but interesting retro-element like hanging impressionist chandlers or portrait! Choose some expressive patterns from AGL’s patterned tiles and make a patterned paradise. Add a moment of visual interest which would definitely stand out with geometrical style. Keep minimalist décor for rest of the bathroom.

✒ Bedroom Design

Bedroom Design

A bold personality person will always incorporate the same essence in bedrooms. And nothing can do this better than different shades of black tiles with not-so-jazzy prints on them. The strong-neutral and dark-toned bedroom tiles, serve as a solid backdrop. Layer one of the walls with contrasting colors and accessorize in unified furniture for energetic yet serene impression. Black wooden window frames, bold dark mirror frame, and a white plant décor to stay in a corner will look impressive!

✒ Gorgeous Kitchen Décor Design

Gorgeous Kitchen Décor Design

Subtle geometric influences the entire look and feel of the space moreover they bring can black countertop to life. The standing white volume stands as a beacon of light. Some of the tiles have kitchen décor designs on it to offer a cool vibrant feel. A few small regular containers of mixed colors with on-demand herbs in some!

The black-on-black kitchen looks subtle but black-on-white brings contrast and depth to space which looks gorgeous.

This Diwali – choose to have a monochrome décor and go sophisticated. Happy Diwali to all from AGL Tiles! Have a prosperous year ahead!

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