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Talking about kitchen washbasin, the modest sink for kitchen space has definitely come a long way. This is why people get a number of different models and variants of kitchen sinks as per their requirement and application that include:

Also, AGL Tiles has a variety of sizes, shapes and finished materials to choose from. It's all about style, function, and cost – it is up to you to decide what's most important to you. Most people are looking for affordable kitchen sinks also known as washbasins with certain stylishness to their functionality.

We’ve listed for you with details that will make your shortlisting-task easier:

1. Table Top

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Choosing the best countertop basin would allow you to choose one that provides longevity along with elegance. Tabletop basins are also referred to as self-limiting basins or drop-ins. They fit into a lot of countertop styles. Usually, homeowners prefer them because they're self-limiting and easy to install. Tabletop basins are also a common choice for a luxurious kitchen. These are therefore the best choice when selecting washbasins for luxurious space in hotels, spas or resorts as well.

2. Wall Hung

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People love to have the freedom to allocate just a little more of the floor area. However, it is often the case that there is a need to divide precious space into increasing social/gathering zones instead. Particularly in construction, we need to meet the required number of the kitchen often with a much smaller area than we would have expected. And wall hung basin fits in this scenario very well.

3. Corner Basin

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If the width of your bathroom is a matter of concern, the minimalist way to overcome this is to remove the vanity unit and simply have a corner basin. This way, only the depth of your basin will use your space. The installation of a wall niche above your sink would make it possible to allocate kitchen dishwasher accessorizes like wash bottles, containers, etc. to make up for lost space.

4. Semi Recessed Basin

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People love the look of semi-recessed basins and the best part of which is that they help to save space. These basins are about three quarters on the bench and one quarter out. It ensures that the size of the countertop used for the basin can be reduced. A shallow bench is handy if you have a tight turning or square space between a countertop and a wall or window.

5. Under Counter Basin

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A design that is becoming more common is the under-counter basin, which provides a smooth profile with a solid surface that is easy to clean. Under the countertop, you can have or attach varying vanities or console tables for storage. Granite countertop is the most preferred choice for the installation of under counter basins.

From state-of-the-art to a traditional style, finishing your perfect kitchen with AGL Tiles is as easy as possible.

We hope this article has outlined some kitchen sink or washbasin ideas for you!