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When looking for a tile flooring solution, it's hard to get past the benefits of tiles from AGL. Here we discuss the benefits of using AGL floor tiles and look at factors such as practicality and aesthetics.

1. Durability

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The top priority of a flooring tile is to withstand loads from the footfalls on it, avoid friction and prevent them from slipping. Floor tiles from AGL fall under these criteria. They are tough and durable. They do not require any special treatment for maintenance. It is a non-porous material that does not hold-on or absorbs spilled-liquid making every day cleaning easy for you. As a result, no regular sealing is necessary even in the long run. It is not sensitive to chemicals and remains in excellent condition years after installing it.

2. Economical

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Looking at the cost benefits it provides, floor tiles from AGL has good ROI (Return on Investment) and is considered beneficial for a long term investment. However, AGL floor tiles are economical even in the initial purchase. They are engineered in a way that has absolutely no hidden or long-term cost. It is a quality material that fulfills every scenario needed to be called an effective floor tile.

3. Low-maintenance

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Low maintenance floor tiles are the ones that do need extra care other than a quick-and-easy routine of sweeping and mopping with warm water. Some of the wood-alike tiles at AGL need simple dry mop or duster that will get the job done. Most of the tiles at AGL are made of natural particles which are then shaped high temperatures. This is why they are formed with durability and resilience which makes tiles like ceramic tiles and vitrified tiles ideal for the home floor.

4. Moisture-resistant

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The fact that air contains moisture only during monsoon is a myth. For air always has some degree of moisture content. Most tiles that are not designed to withstand high humidity may be adversely affected by moisture in the air, leading to a gradual weakening of their structure. Over time, this will inevitably cause a distortion of their form. In extreme cases, tiles can clearly sag and may even fall out of the grid.

5. Low-fade

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AGL Tiles offers a wide range of tiles like outdoor or full body vitrified tiles that won’t fade when exposed to sunlight or high and low temperatures. Most such tiles are used on roof/ceiling, around swimming pools, in parking slots, garden areas, and balcony. Tiles in these areas are more exposed to sun, wind, and rain.

6. Resale Value

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Having a sturdy floor tile that goes well for years in routine maintenance might seem good. But what’s best is their resale value doesn’t have a minimal shift from original to present which is considered to be the biggest advantage. This helps to retain the value of the house which is further helpful during selling or giving it on rent.

7. Eco-friendly

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At AGL Tiles, we believe in doing the right thing to the environment and creating a healthier ecosystem by reducing the use of natural resources. With minimal tile wastage, we are committed to bringing to you responsible products that have been recognized by global experts. Moreover AGL Tiles offers wall and floor tiles in striking colors and impressive realism to an upscale look of your home.

8. Easy to clean

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AGL presents your tiles which are easy to clean. You do not need any chemicals or extra care – just warm water or a mix of soap and water will work. Add a little detergent or vinegar in warm water and use a mop to clean the surface of the floor tiles. Use a brush for harsh tea/coffee stains and grout to wipe off.

9. Multiple design choices

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Fall in love with multiple sets of options for wall and floor tiles at AGL. The different types of tile include Ceramic tile, Porcelain tile, Cement tile, and Mosaic tile. Apart from it, you will find a variety of design options in Marbles, Quartz and Grestek. They are a great solution to combine varying styles you want for gorgeous home décor.

10. Long term investment

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Tile flooring solution at AGL is extremely durable, sturdy and strong making them even perfect for driveways, parking slots or outdoors. Moreover, they offer a good grip when wet which makes them safe for you and even safer for your children. Once installed, floor tiles from AGL remain in shape for years to come even with minimal maintenance.

If you are look for best flooring solution to preserve the resale value of your home, why not contact AGL Tiles today!