Kitchen floor tiles

It's important to choose the best floor for your garden, front yard, poolside and patio deck. People sometimes forget that it’s vital to keep your home stylish even from the outside. While you may think there are not many options available, this article focuses on the pros and cons of each flooring solution that will help you make the best choice for outdoors.

Choosing the best outdoor flooring tiles of the ideas presented here might not be difficult at all. Have a look at it:

1. Grestek series

off white kitchen tiles

The Grestek series has been on the trend this season because of its ability to bring home renovation to a different level. So we've categorized a different range of AGL Grestek series with brief information that will help you know more about it.

In fact, the tiles are versatile enough to be used anywhere in your home a living room, a bathroom, a patio, a garden or a car park. Not to question why they are considered one of the best tiles in India.

These tiles are strong and crack- and break-resistant due to their non-porous nature. They are specifically formulated in order to avoid chipping on their edges.

2. Ceramic Tiles or Vitrified Tiles

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Ceramic and Vitrified tiles are the best outdoor tiles produced using high-quality clay-based materials. The tiles undergo high-temperature baking to increase strength and durability. The purpose of this process is to make these tiles thick, solid, non-porous, long-lasting and moisture-resistant. It proves to be an excellent choice for the patio.

They are available in a remarkable range of colors, sizes, styles, and textures. This is why homeowners have many options to choose from at AGL. Make sure you opt for tiles that are full-body vitrified and anti-slip tiles with a rugged surface for better grip.

3. Stone Tiles

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Natural stone is often used for pool decks and other outdoor environment, but due to its high porosity and maintenance characteristics, it is not considered to be the best choice around the pool area. If you're a natural stone fan, look the same and want choices, we at AGL have plenty of parking vitrified tiles available that can be used around your garden, parking slot and balcony.AGL stone tiles have a timeless appearance with easy maintenance and moisture resistance.

4. Outdoor Parking Tiles

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Whether it's your old home, a new home or even a corporate space, a parking space is playing a very important role in determining your lifestyle choices these days. This generates the first impression of your home in the mind of the audience, so you should carefully select your parking tiles. If you're thinking about getting a parking tile for your room, you're hoping to see the tiles stay in good shape for at least 10 years.

Don't you want to invest your money for frequent repairs, right? They are designed to withstand extreme temperatures in the climate. In fact, they can bear the weight of any element, no matter how heavy or light it is. It makes these tiles very durable.

5. Wooden Tiles

off white kitchen tiles

Wood-look tiles are one of the hottest trends in outdoor decoration these days. It brings the beauty of nature, and that's why people love it more. This tile variety fits perfectly if you want to build a classy room.

Not only are they renowned for their beauty and elegance, but here are some of the reasons why you should go for it:

  • •  Waterproof
  • •  Durability
  • •  Resistance to scratch
  • •  Stain resistance
  • •  Easy to clean & maintain
  • •  Thermal resistance

Let your family have a relaxing space to enjoy the beauty of nature with impressive outdoor tiles at AGL!