Kitchen floor tiles

✒ What is Wall Tile?

Wall Tiles are used for wall coverings and can range from simple square tiles to complex geometric forms or mosaics. They are made from piece of hard-wearing material such as ceramic, rock, iron, baked clay or glass, typically used for walls or kitchen countertops.

✒ What are the different types of wall tiles?

1. Digital Wall Tiles

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Digital wall tiles offer benefits such as affordability durability, quality, and wide range. Furthermore, they have lower water, moisture, stain absorption and are resistant to household chemicals. One of the biggest advantages of digital wall tiles is that they look stylish and have great textures and prints. If you run your hands on them, you can’t actually feel those textures. This means that they are easy to clean and maintain. Just one hand of damp cloth cleaning and that’s it! Apart from this, digital wall tiles are fireproof, fade-resistant, long-lasting as well as cost-effective.

2. Grestek Wall Tiles

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AGL Grestek tiles are a popular floor and wall material. But, every Grestek tile has its unique characteristics and tile finish is one of them. Grestek tile finishes in 8 different types by AGL namely gloss, matt, metallic, polished, satin, silk, etc. Read about them here and learn which tile finish will work best for your home décor.

3. Ceramic Wall Tiles

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These glazed ceramic tiles are made of natural clay and sand. Perfect for floorings, these tiles are lower on the cost compared to others. As these tiles are available in the market in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures, they are widely used for residential projects but not from bathrooms and kitchens as glazed ceramic tiles are prone to damages and cracks. As they have a liquid coating, they are more durable and less porous. Also, they are very easy to clean and maintain. In the collection, you would also find the glazed ceramic tiles having a look and feel of natural tiles.

4. Elevation Wall Tiles

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Today, when constructing houses, many people use natural stone. In addition, the tiles not only improve the house's elegance but also reduce the cost of creation and maintenance. For halls, patio, and other areas, you can find the various style elevation wall tiles online. The elevation wall tiles available at AGL Tiles complement the interior decorum as well as the exterior. We give trendy style, width, 3D design and tiles of different sizes.

✒ Can I put tile over tile on a wall?

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Yes. From abstract art to modern print, wall art in the living area can never go out of trend. The trick here is to collect individual tiled artworks on the wall and frame them as a painting. Or you can say use unique designed tiles as a work of art and install them on your living area walls. Such patterned tiles give an illusion of the end image as one of abstract paintings. In the picture above, four Glitz Romo Azul Mirror tiles are arranged in such a way that the whole visual appearance is able to strike the right chord.

✒ How do I choose kitchen wall tiles?

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Find out for which kitchen area you need tiles- whether for floors, walls, backsplashes or countertops! This is because different applications need different types of tiles as they ask for particular and different properties. The countertop tiles would not work as the kitchen floor tiles. Decide the budget as it filters out some of the tile types and designs. While purchasing the kitchen tiles, keep in mind what theme you have adopted for the rest of your house and make a purchase according to that. It should not look like a miss-matched or bizarre!

✒ How do choose wall tiles for living room?

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AGL’s wall tiles have the finest designs and patterns. These wall tiles are primarily of two kinds–digital wall tiles and ceramic wall tiles. These are accessible in a number of dimensions. AGL Tiles wall tiles are accessible in glossy and matt finish. The innovative technology is bringing exceptional designs to life. If you are looking for a distinctive range of wall tiles, your response is right here. Explore the collection of bathroom and kitchen tiles now!

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