The Next Big Thing in Tile Industry- Vintage Looking Tiles

Not everybody likes the modern interior design quirks and trends; some also love to create the charming, throw-back vintage look when it comes to decorating their homes, and we are totally on board with that bold & beautiful old-school decor.

When you look for tiles in the market today, you will mostly find sleek neutral colours, but hundred years ago, the tiles were covered with vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and bold figures. These tiles were used to vivify the look of the house. And as people have started to appreciate the styles and fine handiwork of the past, retro patterned tiles are once again gaining popularity in the interior designing world.

However, installing vintage victorian tiles might not seem practical in the modern-day, and so, you can go for vintage-looking tiles. These vintage ceramic tiles are great as you get the durability of ceramic tiles with the patterns popular during the old days to make them look more vintage. Apart from the bold colours and intricate designs, the pattern in which tiles are installed also gives them a vintage look.

Here, have a look at different some of the old fashioned vintage tile designs-


The classic black & white tiles were quite in trend in the victorian era. Look at this New Status Square Decor retro kitchen tiles by AGL Tiles. These vintage wall tiles give your kitchen a modern yet retro look that blends in your home nicely. It is really easy to decorate with these monochromatic tiles. Using these black & white tiles will truly make your kitchen vintage. 



We all love wood accent wall design, and when it has that rustic, salvaged characteristic to it, well, there is nothing more beautiful than that. The Vintage Wood Blue tile by AGL Tiles make the perfect accent wall for your living room; it will leave your guest in awe every time they came to visit you. 




When it comes to vintage flooring tiles, one thing that comes to mind is Terracotta Tiles. Terracotta Tiles are the best retro floor tiles that give your home the flooring that is durable and pretty. They are probably one of the oldest vintage-style floor tiles available in the market these days. The Holz Slate Plus tiles are a modern take of vintage tiles that give your space a vintage look.



Mediterranean tiles are known for their bold colours and intricate designs. The Azulate Blue Art by AGL Tiles is the perfect example of the beauty of Mediterranean tiles. You can use these anywhere, be it a kitchen, bathroom, or living room- as shown in the picture below. If you use these tiles in your shower, it will create a beautiful antique bathroom tile accent wall.



The Fabline Decor tiles with their victorian floral design are an outstanding option for a backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom. And if you are bold enough to use it as floor tiles, trust us, there will be nothing more beautiful than that space. This Vintage Kitchen tile floor will make your kitchen a centre of attraction for every visitor.


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