Learn How 3D Tiles are Rocking in Tile Industry

Want to add a pleasant and creative wow factor to your home??  3D Tile’s design is your way to go; they will help you bring such extraordinary ideas into life!!

3D floor & wall tiles are gaining popularity over the past few years as they are quite an artistic way to bring some cool, quirky factor to your home.

However, before we dive in to see how 3D tiles for home has the ability to transform your space for the better and give it a classy look, let's have a look at what is 3D tiles and the advantages of installing them in your space.

What is 3D flooring tiles??

3D tiles for the room are tempered glass, with a three-dimensional image deposited on it. These 3D tiles are created using micro lens technology, which provides a realistic image. You will like you can almost touch the real design or graphic; 3D is quite realistic. 

3D floor tiles design creates the illusion of a parallel world. When you enter the space, you will feel like you are touching the real flower or the cutlery. This fascinating sight and feel will make your guests in awe, as these tiles turn any boring space into a work of modern art.  

Be it a commercial property or residential property, 3D floor tiles will add a modern and sophisticated look to your space. Flowers, cutlery, hills, beach, diamonds, geometric, etc., are currently the most trending 3D tile designs. These 3D tiles are literally an amazing tile design trend of 2021, but still, the 3D flood tile price is quite affordable and is definitely bang for your buck. 

Here are some advantages of installing 3D tile designs in your home:

  • Low maintenance as they do not scratch or stain easily
  • They are durable, reliable and aesthetic
  • Have long service life
  • Can withstand heavy loads
  • The colours and designs of the 3D tiles can as it is for at least 10 years.
  • Neutral to aggressive chemical environments

AGL Tiles have a wide range of 3D floor tiles and 3D wall tiles for every room of your home. Let's have a look at some-

3D Tiles for Kitchen:

The kitchen is the place where most of the beautiful memories are created with the family, and so it should be special. If you are planning on making the heart of your home extra special, go for 3D kitchen wall tiles. You can use it as a backsplash to create an impressive cooking area, or you can even install them to accentuate certain equipment.

3D Tiles for Kitchen

3D Tiles for Bathroom:

If you are not sure about the 3D tiles, you should experiment with them in a small space and see if you like them. You can start with the bathroom. The 3D bathroom tiles can impart a dramatic touch giving a bold feel to the bathroom. It will give your bathroom an elegant contemporary edge that will love.

3D Tiles for Bathroom

3D Tiles for Bedroom:

Your bedroom is your retreat where you can relax after a long day at work, and this special place demands special decor. 3D tiles for the room will make that happen; they will bring warmth and comfort to your room along with creativity. Go for the colours that match your decor themes. 

3D Tiles for Bedroom

3D Tiles for Hall:

The living room is the space where you entertain your guest or have a relaxing movie date with your family members; installing 3D to design an accent wall will create a focal point and blend everything together. Or, if you are bold enough to install 3D tiles as floor tiles in your living room, it will add a glamorous touch like no other. The 3D floor tile designs for the Living room by AGL Tiles will make your living room a relaxing oasis.

3D Tiles for Hall

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