Bold & Beautiful Tile Designs to Brighten Up Your Home

On the one hand, the minimalist trend is skyrocketing, while on the other hand, the bold maximalism trend is also rearing its head, and we are totally loving it

When you look for their home tiles for the renovation, you might go for white, cream, beige, bone, flax, etc. colors, as they are neutral, elegant, and understated, and totally one of the hottest tile trends in 2021, but, have wondered that you are playing safe? Maybe you are too afraid to embrace color and pattern and let your room really shine to its full potential? Well, what you don't know is that some of the most beautiful rooms are the ones with colorful, patterned, scene-stealing tiles. 

The bold decorative tiles are not new; you must have seen them in historic buildings or monuments. The true history of decorative tiles dates back-to-back to ancient cultures across the globe, including Egypt and the Islamic Empire.

From your kitchen to bathroom to living room, here are five spaces with bold decorative tiles design for floors to create a room delights, inspires, and looks anything but safe.


The kitchen is probably the heaviest traffic area in the home, but still, people fear making bold choices when it comes to the kitchen tile designs. We know that black tiles in the kitchen are unconventional, but if you are brave enough to make bold choices, then there is nothing more beautiful than the black kitchen. The Nero floor tiles by AGL are stunning and will make your kitchen stand out from all the high-end kitchen designs. If you don't believe us, just look at this image; it is the epitome of elegance, class & sophistication.



Bold bathroom tile designs are often made of more traditional patterns, but not these Superio Gris Decor tiles by AGL. This square cross-stitch pattern is everything. You can either install this bathroom tile design on your entire bathroom floor, or you can accentuate your shower area or bathtub. It will make your space feel fresh and unique, and it also has a bit of a contemporary vibe to it, which is best. Here, you can see how stunning it looks to use one tile to accentuate a certain area and by taking the same tile to the wall.


Living Room:  

These Glister 6065 Mirror tiles by AGL will add a sense of luxury to your living room. The soft hues of browns and intricate details of these tiles are really wonderful. If you are one, who loves neutral colors yet wants to go bold, then this tile is perfect for you. The striking pattern, saturated color, and bold personality of this tile will wow your guest every time you have a get-together at your home. And when you have prominent room tiles design for hall right in front of, why choose boring tiles, right??

Living Room


The entryway sometimes gets neglected while making sure everything else is perfect, but what you do not know is that it can make a negative impact on the visitors when the entryway is impressive. Go bold or go home, right?? The Galet Wood Plus tile will make your entryway bold & beautiful, and full of life & colors. It will allow you to show your bold and creative side.



The bedroom is your retreat as it is the most intimate & personal room in your home, and so it is very important to design the room according to your taste. The bedroom floor tile design should be rich in style & personality, like this Glister 6037 tile. The vintage design and the beautiful colors will fill your bedroom with elegance and splendor.


All these bold & beautiful tiles much more at AGL Tiles. You can check out the amazing tile collection online or visit our showroom; our experts will help you choose the best floor tile design for your lovely home.