Elegant Hued Mosaic Tiles Style Inspiration

If you are looking for a subtle way of bringing art to your residential or commercial property, then the beauty of Mosaic tiles is your solution. 

Mosaic tiles are basically small pieces of tile that are held together in a sheet. The word mosaic actually means a design that is comprised of several smaller pieces of tile. They can come in a wide range of patterns, styles, and colours, which makes mosaic tiles visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing options for your space.

Mosaic tiles are quite versatile and have long been viewed as a rich and eccentric way of bringing beauty into homes and offices. These tiles have an array of colours as bright and vibrant as a rainbow. They are ideal for walls and floors, depending on the mosaic tile texture. Mosaic tiles can be made of ceramic, porcelain, stone, or glass, meaning they’re perfect for creating a durable feature wall or floor.

Why Choose Mosaic Tiles? 

Embellishing your space with mosaic tiles is an easy & cost-effective way of brightening & adding colours to your room. Whether you want to integrate Moroccan style or some industrial flair into space, mosaic tiles offer a perfect solution that will surely wow your guests. Thanks to their versatility, shape, and size, mosaic tiles can create an eye-catching focal point that will do wonders for your space. 

So why not add a dash of beautiful colours to the heart of your home with mosaic kitchen tiles? Using mosaic tiles, you could create an eye-catching splashback or border detail that compliments the surrounding kitchen accessories. Not only in the kitchen, but you can also use this trick in the bathroom as well using mosaic wall tiles. 

The Mosaic Tiles India range by AGL Tiles includes a vast array of colours & designs to suit any interior style. Whether you’re looking for relaxing blue hues to set the tone in your bathroom or the classic monochromatic colours to add a unique aesthetic, or the perfect neutrals to compliment your kitchen design, there’s a mosaic tile style and colour to suit your every requirement.

5 Ways to Use Mosaic Tiles Design in Your Home:

Borders: As the minimalist trend is rising, you can use the beauty of mosaic tiles on the borders, to add that uniqueness to your room. They are commonly used for borders to finish the edges of tiles or to provide an elegant border to your room, or to highlight any particular thing. You can follow this trend in every room of your house, be it a living room or bathroom, be it a floor or wall. The Fabline Decor makes the best border tiles. 


Bathroom: Mosaic bathroom tiles offer a stylish yet sophisticated solution for the walls or floors of your bathroom, allowing you to transform a bland room into a luxuriant hotel-style space. If your bathroom is small, you can use glass mosaic tile to give it the illusion of larger space, or else you can add some soft shades to add some character to your bathroom. The Arab Decor Set will look wonderful in your bathroom & Arles Aqua Decor for your laundry room. 


Kitchen: The same high-end style AGL Tiles can be used in the kitchen as well. The kitchen is a highly practical room of the house prone to all kinds of slips, trips, and spills, and so the tiles are a perfect choice. Mosaic tiles can really help you to master the powerful aesthetics of the kitchen. The Fusion Brown Decor tile is the perfect choice for your kitchen with all its beautiful colours and Victorian pattern.

Alpine Wood Pine

Floors: AGL tiles has the best mosaic floor tiles collection that you must check out once. These mosaic floorings are best for minimalist homes as they add a hint of colour to the house that blends everything together. The Jubilee Art Plus is your best alternative if you want to add that charming old-school touch to your living room, which is very popular in India.

Alpine Wood Pine

Swimming Pool: Swimming pools are quite a luxury in Indian homes, but if you have one, make sure to make it extra special by adding some beautiful swimming pool tiles. For pools, ceramic mosaic tiles are the best option. These mosaic tiles will influence the colouring of the pool, making it look pretty blue.

Swimming Pool

We understand that the right tile design has the power to make your interior design project a beautiful success. That’s why we at AGL Tiles offer such a wide range of tiles in different sizes, textures, patterns, and finishes - meaning you'll definitely find the perfect tile for your interior design project.

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