Why Tiles Are The Preferred Choice For Home Improvement Projects in India

Tiles are getting popular in the world of construction for a reason; today, there are hardly any homes that do not have tiles. From our kitchen to our bathroom and from our flooring to our walls, tiles have conquered every part of our house and have become one of the most essential elements of interior designing of homes and commercial establishments. 

Home Tiles are used for designing homes since the 4th century B.C., and they still as trendy and fashionable as they were back then. The wide range of tiles, which are available today, comes in various colours, shapes, glazes, materials, and designs, making them the most appealing centre of attraction.

The latest tiles design by AGL Tiles adds beauty and style to every room of your home. These latest floors and wall tiles combine style and practicality effortlessly to make feel and look special. 

Read on to learn how you can use tiles to create a modern, stylish and impressive aesthetic in your home:

1- Adds a Luxury Touch to the Exterior of the Home:

If you want to add an instant wow factor to your home; then tiling the exterior wall or floor is the best alternative to achieving astonishing, long-lasting effects. For instance, the entryway or the porch to your home is often overlooked while designing the interiors, but it's an important space to get right. A beautiful slate-effect porcelain tile like Arise Stone Crema or Elevato Slate will make the perfect contemporary hallway. These soft hues of brown, grey and black are both warm, luxurious, and inviting and will blend seamlessly with the rest of your home. 

Elevato Slate
Arise Stone Crema

2- Tiles are Extremely Low Maintenance:

The maintenance of your home is very important, and luckily tiles are extremely low maintenance. The tiles will look fabulous for years to come. Whether you are choosing ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles, it takes little effort to clean and keep them sparkling. Moreover, you can enhance the look of the tiles by simply replacing the grout. Grout is the gooey substance that seals the tiles and prevents moisture from getting behind them. You can change the colour of your existing grout, and it will change the whole aesthetic of the tiles. 

3- Large Tiles Gives the Illusion of Open Space:

Bedrooms and living rooms of our homes are extra specials; it is a place you can entertain your friends & family or can relax and unwind. A streamlined, clutter-free space is the key to your tranquil sanctuary, as is giving your space the element of extravagance. A wood-looking tile like Alpine Wood Pine is a 600 X 1200 mm matt tiles are for the floors of the living room. They will not only complement a rich, contemporary, and sleek room scheme, but will create a stunning focal point. Larger tiles with fewer grout lines will help in creating a sense of open space.

Alpine Wood Pine
Alpine Wood Pine

4- Make a Statement with Statement Patterns:

The kitchen is the most favourite place of all, and the bathroom is the most intimate- we want them to be a blissful space and also fully functional. Tiles can enable us to achieve that look & feel, in fact, you can make rather bold choices when it comes to these rooms. Go Bold or Go Home, right?? Bold patterns work brilliantly in both the bathroom & kitchen-think intricate design and daring colours, which were used in Victorian interiors. You can easily create that look with the  Fusion Brown Decor or even Apic White, which is the modern take on the classic Victorian style designs.


5- You can Easily Fuse this Season's Hottest Trends:

We can say that the living room is the heart of the home and so it deserves to stand out from the other rooms. Introduce vintage wooden planks like Vintage Wood Blue or geometric tiles like Platina Checks Decor to your living room and make it the centre of attention. The beautiful earthy tones of greens and blues of vintage wood tiles or the little cubed pattern of geometric tiles can style and personality to the most sociable room in your house. These different types of tiles add different sorts of looks, but both are equally desirable. 

Vintage Wood Blue
Vintage Wood Blue

If any of these new styles of tiles inspired you to start your home renovation, then you should start by selecting a desirable pattern from our new tiles by AGL Tiles

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