Back to Basics- Terracotta Tiles

One of the oldest ceramic tiles is terracotta tiles. The name terracotta is derived from the Italian word ‘baked earth.’ Terracotta tiles are clay tiles that are created from a porous clay that has high iron content, and that is the reason for its reddish-brown colour.

Terracotta floor tiles AKA, clay floor tiles, have been around forever and can be traced all the way back to China, around 10,000 years B.C. and the Middle East, a little later. However, homeowners shifted to trending porcelain, vitrified, or stone tiles instead of terracotta for the flooring of modern homes. Nowadays, some people prefer a rustic look in their house and so they are opting for terracotta tile designs. Terracotta tiles are not only infused with an old-world charm but also impart a rustic look, which is difficult to match with modern tile designs.

Pros of Using Terracotta Tiles: 


Terracotta tiles can fit in just about any room within the house and not look out of place, be it a parking space or roof, or terrace. Here are some benefits of choosing terracotta tile designs that make most families love them:

  • Unlike other tiles around in the market, terracotta tiles offer absolute beauty at relatively affordable prices. So, whatever the size of your pocket, there is a terracotta tile out there that will fit in your budget quite well.
  • Long gone are the days when the terracotta tiles very only available in red, nowadays, these tiles vary from colours to texture and designs. You can choose one as per your requirement like if you are looking for terracotta wall tiles or terracotta parking tiles or even terracotta tiles for terrace, you will get many options. 
  • These tiles last impressively long and may not show the signs of wear until much later. Moreover, they are extremely low maintenance. You just have to wipe them regularly to get the best look. Their simple texture makes it easier for stains to come off- a mop, good soap, and some water would do just fine.
  • And most importantly, you can reuse them to recreate rough surfaces as in a garden walkway, which makes them eco-friendly.

Cons of Terracotta Tiles: 

  • Just remember that the terracotta tiles need to be sealed with penetrating sealants while the joints between them should be filled with cement grout.
  • Every tile is different from others regarding colour, so if you are an individual who does not like discoloration, you might not like them.
  • It can be difficult to repair the terracotta tiles once they are cracked or chipped.
  • The installation process of terracotta tiles is quite tricky, and so it needs to be done professionally.
  • The texture of terracotta tiles is porous, and so they can become dirt magnets really quick.
  • In colder climates, water is absorbed into the terracotta tiles and can freeze and crack them.

Where to Use Terracotta Tiles?

Terracotta tiles are actually quite versatile and so can be used anywhere. So, if you want a rustic old-school charm inside your home, you can use terracotta flooring tiles; it will create an atmosphere that is both rugged as well as subdued. It is also an excellent material for parking or for around the swimming pool, you can opt for outdoor terracotta tiles. And not only that, but you use terracotta tiles for the exterior wall of the house. These exterior terracotta wall tiles are perfect for your heart of your home, which is the front. 

If you are looking for more bold tiles for your home.