Do you think the same tile design would go for both- your home and office? Then you are greatly mistaken here! Your office is a corporate space which needs to look more disciplined whereas your home is a relaxed space. Your office must have a corporate décor, look and feel, unlike your sweet home. To fill this gap, it is important to pay a careful attention in the selection of office floor tiles.

Here are some ideas you should consider:

1. For a disciplined corporate atmosphere


Choice of tiles plays a major role as we mentioned before. The whole ambience of your office relies majorly on various factors- tile color, tile size, its pattern, tile finish (glossy or matt), tile design, texture etc. It is regarded that your workplace is a direct reflection of your personality. So, be it creative, classy or subtle- it shows in the décor theme. In the above tile concept, following décor elements have been covered:

- White floor tiles
- A pair of sofa sets
- A few lamps
- Reception desk

All these elements together form a corporate and disciplined ambience. These large format floor tiles are to give it a tidier and more organized look and feel whereas those grey uneven lines on them add an interest to space. Make this office reception look complete with adding a sofa set or some chairs to make your guests feel comfortable. And yes, a few lamps to maintain enough light!

2. Office tiles to bring that classic effect


You would have thought your office space to be a classic one, right? Well, to make it really classic, you have to pay an extra attention while choosing your tiles. See this office concept designed with AGL tiles. Boldness reflects from décor of this area and the credit goes to an entirely coffee brown theme! Large-sized floor tiles have been laid to make it even more classic. This reception area has been complemented by some wide glass windows, a round sofa in one of the corners and some nice chairs. If you have carefully seen this design, you’d notice the reception desk made of marble which also looks unique.

3. For a chic and subtle office space


If you love a simple and peaceful lifestyle and if you also want a simple and calm atmosphere at your workplace, go for a subtle décor. The best way to achieve this is to pick some nude shades of floor and wall tiles. Beige, honey, ivory, cream and light grey are to name a few. Light patterned tiles are also a very good and considerable option as it is the hottest trend these days. If you want to make your space look wider and simpler, go for the same floor and wall tiles. Complement this simple look with minimum artefacts. A few chairs for your guests and some tiny green bushes are all you’d require!

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