What kind of a kitchen backsplash do you want for your kitchen- soothing white or the bold brown patterned one? Well, whichever you pick, the function is going to be the same only, of any backsplash! But as far as style and status matter, it must be chosen with a great attention. Go for those kitchen tiles that go well with your entire home décor theme. Then it would even enhance your home’s style quotient.

Here are some of the best tile ideas for your kitchen backsplash. Take a look:

1. Marble for the backsplash

Do you really think marble is not at all a good choice for kitchen backsplash? And who said that? Well, trust us; it is a good option as far as it is composite marble.Unlike the one that is found in nature, this composite marble has far better properties- excellent durability and high strength. Plus, if one of your marbles gets damaged in future, it’s possible to find its exact replica which is not possible in case of naturally available marble. Plus, engineered or composite marble is easy to clean too and this factor really counts when it’s about kitchen backsplash.

2. Antique kitchen backsplash tiles

If you are so much in love with old-school décor, go back in the time cycle and find out some best décor pieces of ancient times. You may have a farm décor theme or a feast kind of décor that people in old times used to have. You may also go for Italian design theme as Italy is known for the oldest ceramic market. You may install some old antique tile designs and use them for your kitchen backsplash. Complement these tiles with a skirted sink, cement or sand-finish floor tiles and simple shelves.

3. Go for mosaic tiles

If you are already in love with mosaic tiles, you must know that there are many different types of mosaic tiles available in the market. Wooden, glass, plastic, clay and many other finishes are available, especially in mosaic tiles. Even there are matt finished and hexagonal mosaics available which look tremendous on installation. Lay them in your kitchen to adorn the space like never before! We, at AGL also have a great variety of mosaic kitchen tiles. Install them and let your kitchen rock!

4. Solid coloured backsplash tiles

Many minimalists prefer single coloured plain tiles over any other pattern or tile design. If minimalistic interior theme fascinates you as well, go choose them. Soothing white, bold black, coffee brown or teal blue- these all colours look excellent when their mosaics are installed as wall tiles. And they are also easy to clean. Just a single wipe with a clean cloth is enough! So, maintenance is also less! So, which backsplash idea would you pick?