Tile often brings a general impression of tile types, their look and feel and their application, right? But tiles are not all about their types or sizes or look and feel. If you peep into the history, you would find that tiles and ceramic industry have made some excellent contributions to the world.

Listed below some really interesting facts about tiles. Have a look!

1.Tiled roof of the Sydney Opera House

Remember the legendary iconic architectural marvel Sydney Opera House? So, what is so great about it? Its roof, the domes! Many of you might have seen it in real. But did you have a closer look? This Opera House looks uniformly white from a distance but actually, it features a chevron pattern of two colors of tiles. There are more than 1 million tiles laid in 2 different colors- glossy white and matt cream. Known as ‘Sydney tiles’, they were manufactured by a Swedish company which used to produce stoneware tiles.

2. Tile tessellation inspired a Dutch artist

The great history reveals that there was a man who was so much inspired by the tiles that he chose to make his career in the formation of tiles. This Dutch artist was Maurits Cornelis Escher who got popular for his incredible tile tessellation work that also included geometric and Moorish tessellations apart from others. His previous artworks also included depictions of every day’s realistic elements and events.

3. Tiles used in rockets and space shuttles

Okay, now leave the Opera House. Let us come to something even more interesting! You would be shocked to know that tiles and ceramic technology are also used in rockets and space shuttles. Ceramic tiles are key components in space shuttles to insulate them from the extreme temperatures they create while re-entering the earth’s atmosphere. Apart from this, engineered ceramics are also used in the exhaust cones of rockets.

4. Tile technology roots in the Egyptian era

Isn’t this another interesting fact to know about tiles? Such an old technology it is! It is said that the tile and ceramic technology have their roots in the era of Egyptians, before almost 6000 years. But it is also recorded on the history that Venus of Dolní Věstonice was the oldest ceramic which was discovered in Moravia and this is tale is dated back to 25000 BC.

5. Tiles are unbelievably strong

You might have come across many such tiles that exhibit extremely good strength and durability. But there are many tile types that are known for their unbelievable strength and ceramic tiles are one of them. They are specifically used for their excellent compressive strength. You would ask how excellent? What if 10 elephants stand on them? Well, these tiles can withstand even more weight than that!

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