Whether you are considering a remodel for your home’s indoor space or outdoor- wood finish floor tiles are the best option. Being the hottest tile trends these days, they are highly-accepted by the interior decorators. These rustic, natural-look tiles give a classy look to your house.

Here are some of the reasons why you should go for the wood finish tiles.

1. Install wood finish tiles for a natural look

If you are a nature lover, you must pick these tiles as they are the best ones to bring in that natural look you always wanted! AGL Tiles have a large range of floor tiles and wall tiles in wood finish. Select the one that fascinate you the most and get ready to get commendations from your guests.

2. Mix and match them to create a combination look

Do you think that a mix and match look would create a mess? No! It can also create a masterpiece, if the tiles are chosen wisely! Choose muted tones of wood finish tiles with almost same tile texture and install them as floor tiles. They would create a magic effect, believe us!

3. Develop an old-school look with wood tiles

Do you want to bring that retro look and feel in your home? We have some great old-school type tiles in wood finish. Create an interesting combination of wood-look tile patterns. Also, don’t forget to buy this look some vintage artifacts!

4. Infuse a modern look with these tiles

Wood finish tiles are perfect to give a modern makeover to your bathroom or kitchen! You can lay them as a featured wall in your bathroom or as a backsplash wall in your kitchen. To even enhance its modernity, lay them in a zigzag manner leaving the rest of the wall with plain matte tiles.

AGL’s wood finish tiles are:

- Easy to clean
- Wear resistant
- Waterproof
- Scratch resistant
- Stain resistant
- Bending resistant
- Heat resistant

So, when are you checking out our wood tile collection?