We, at AGL, have been coming with new tile designs with technology innovations. Special-effect digital wall tiles  are one of our latest additions in tile categories. These wall tiles come with a unique texture which you can actually feel. Install them in any of your home areas and they will uplift the grandeur of that area.

You may consider special-effect wall tiles for your bathroom, kitchen or any room of your living space. Read to know more:

1. As bathroom wall tiles

As you know, digital tile printing technology has given us an immense variety in tile designs. Special-effect digital wall tiles are specially designed to create an unusual classic look to the space. As far as bathrooms are concerned, these digital tiles are perfect to add an extraordinary appeal. If a spa-like bathroom has always been your wish to create, it is the best idea to install these wall tiles around the shower or sink backsplash.

2. As kitchen backsplash tiles

Since these special-effect tiles can be easily cleaned, they can also be laid in your kitchen. Best if you use them for kitchen backsplash tiles. Apart from enhancing the décor appeal, these tiles also create an appealing featured wall! Apart from this, they also function very well for a kitchen as they require less maintenance and durable. So, you don’t need to change them more so often!

3. As wall tiles in the living room

Our special-effect digital wall tiles come in a great variety of designs and textures that look amazingly incredible. They are available in a variety of sizes and colors. Using them, make interesting color combinations and unique design patches to develop exceptional décor. Don’t forget to add some innovative artifacts as well to even accentuate the room and wow your guests.

4. As bedroom wall tiles

Just like the living room, you may also consider these patterned wall tiles for creating creative décor in your bedroom. And as there has to be a calm and relaxing atmosphere, try to select soothing color pallets such as ivory or teal or grey. Wisely choose the texture and wall tile prints from our special-effect wall tile range and you would really be able to create eye-grabbing décor.

Apart from these areas, you may also consider AGL’s special-effect digital wall tiles for the studio or entrance area of your home. Even for your office, you can go for these extraordinary tile designs. If you like, give a quick browse to our entire tile range now!