Have you ever been at a place where the room décor and furniture don’t go in flow? Or where the hues are in no tune? Well, colors really matter! They evolve with your life and choosing the right shade is essential for whatever you select. Each shade is important and has its own reflection on its surroundings.

Here is a perfect guide to choosing the right tile colors:

1. See the purpose of the room

As you know, every room in your house is unique and different from another. To match the aura of each room, you need to define a color palette. For example, your living room or studio can have a vibrant tint of saffron or red, but maybe it is not a good tile color for the kitchen!

2. Know about the color effects

You already know that each color has a different effect on its surroundings. Dark colored tiles make the room look smaller whereas the lighter shades have an effect of expanding the space. Architects and interior decorators, these days, recommend going for tile colors such as ivory, honey beige, grey and off-white.

3. Grey for the great grandeur

Over the last decade, color grey is a big IN for the tile trends. Suitable for both, wall tiles and floor tiles, grey gives a more earthy effect. It looks natural when you install grey tiles in your home. It is a great shade for even the corporate premises- it looks subtle, disciplined and promising, at the same time. Choose grey colored tiles for the bedroom, kitchen and even drawing room if you love the minimalistic décor. You can match it with furniture with black or white colors.

4. Neutral shades for patios

Neutral shades of tiles have a tendency to mix with any décor style. And as the patio is the space which often leads to lounge or other rooms, and as it is mostly a wide area of your home, choose neutral shades of tiles. This would enhance the overall look and feel apart from enhancing the room spaces also.

5. Try wood-finish tiles

Wood-finish tiles are one of the hottest trends in the décor game these days and the homeowners are often seen in so much love with the wood-finish tiles. And there is nothing bad in choosing them too! Why? First reason- they are available in natural wood colors and second reason- they aren’t natural tiles and hold very good properties like excellent strength, high durability and water resistant. So, adorn your home with these wood-finish floor and wall tiles.

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