Be it your old home, a new one or even a corporate space, these days, a parking space is playing a highly important role in defining your lifestyle choices. It creates the first impression of your house in the viewer's mind and hence, you ought to choose your parking tiles wisely.

And in order to ease your distress, AGL presents a few ways to select an ideal parking tile for your home. Read on to know more.

1. Know your space

Before deciding upon the type of parking tiles you want, know where your parking will be. In case if it is already built, know the requirements of your parking well. This includes the approximate size of your parking area and its type. This means that you should know whether your parking space is an underground space or an open one. Knowing this will help you to decide on the type of parking tile essential for your space and will also simplify your decision while choosing the design and colour of the tile.

2. Think of its utilization for the next 10 years

When you think of getting a parking tile for your space, you hope to see those tiles remain in a good condition for at least 10 years. You don’t want to invest your money for frequent repairs right? Hence, sit for a while and think deeply on how your parking space might be utilized during that span. While predicting its use over such a decade might be hard for you, listing possible uses will save you from the trouble of changing it frequently. Hence, think deeply and explore.

3. Research well about the type of parking tile you want to use

Don’t jump to an immediate conclusion when your shopkeeper shows you parking tiles for your space. Mention your requirements to the shopkeeper and the possible ways those tiles might be utilized in the next 10 years, see what the shopkeeper is showing you, inquire about the material being used for making those tiles and ask on its durability. And be aware. Don’t believe the shopkeeper blindly. Do your homework and research well about various types of parking tiles. Understand which type of tile will fulfil all your requirements and get that one for your parking space.

4. Go to a trusted brand for your parking tile

Choosing a good brand is highly important even when it comes to parking tiles. A trusted brand like our AGL Tiles makes parking tiles under a strict protocol. They are designed to withstand extreme climatic temperatures. Moreover, they can bear the weight of any object, no matter how heavy or light it is. This makes these tiles highly durable. Hence, always go for a good brand for your parking tiles.

5. Choose a design

Last but not least; choose a good design for your parking tiles. Like every beautiful corner of your home, ensure that even your parking looks beautiful. Don’t ignore them because of their sole purpose of parking. Choose from bright colours and lights prints or light colours and bold prints, depending upon your requirement. But make sure that it looks the best!

So, go ahead and choose an ideal parking tile for your space. Read AGL blogs for similar tips and make your space a beautiful one to live in!