Thin porcelain tiles deliver a combination of strength, style and size as also offer variety of functional and aesthetic benefits.

Given their versatility, benefits and exquisite designs, these have emerged as a popular choice among architects and designers for almost every interior or exterior residential or commercial project. Similar to AGL Tiles Grestek Slimgres ultra-thin glazed vitrified tiles, the thin porcelain tiles are twice as strong and durable as conventional tiles.

The thickness of these ultra-thin large forma porcelain tiles usually ranges between 3.0 mm to 6.0 mm and upto 5.0’ by 10’ in width and length. From bathroom shower walls, kitchen splashback, countertops and hallways to floor tiles, the large-format thin porcelain tiles are an ideal choice for both new installations and remodeling projects. So what are the outstanding benefits of thin porcelain tiles that drive its growing popularity?

3 Reasons Why Thin Porcelain Tiles Are So Popular?

Porcelain tiles are particularly gaining popularity in the remodeling of tile installation for their ability to offer a range of practical benefits and attractive style choices apart from durability, strength, elegance and easy maintenance. These are recommended for both interior and exterior walls as also floor tiles to create an elegant look at fraction of the cost and time. Discover the reason why thin porcelain tiles are so popular:

Significantly Easier to Cut and Install Than Standard Tile:

The thickness of thin porcelain tiles is a fraction of that of traditional tiles and because they are lightweight, they are easier to cut and install. Their lightweight and large size makes them capable of versatile applications and wide-range of design projects.


Thin porcelain tiles are resistant to moisture, bacteria, heat, stains and scratches, thus making them impervious to germs, bacteria and moisture and stains. These are an ideal choice for kitchen, bathroom, labs and other moisture prone areas that require hygiene and frequent cleaning. They are easy to clean and maintain. This also makes them versatile for indoor and outdoor applications whether for wall, splashback, countertops or floor.

Large Format Size & Wide Variety

The large format size of these thin porcelain tiles helps create a seamless appearance, making them a great choice for large areas as also making their application easier. Moreover the innovative tile printing technology offers wide design range in colours and patterns.

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