With innovation and technology in ceramic industry, double charge vitrified tiles like the JUMBO and IMPERIO range from AGL tiles are a popular choice in heavy traffic commercial projects. They offer versatility, durability, and the ability to transform big spaces into beautiful premium spaces.

What is Double Charge Technology?

A variation of full body tiles, under the double charge technology the press prints the pattern with a double layer of pigment to makes a thick layer of design of upto 3-4 mm on top of the tile. This gives it very long life and makes it ideal for heavy traffic commercial projects like malls, hotels , education, hospitals, airports as also for domestic uses like bathroom, villas and kitchen. However due to complex technology process the design patterns are limited. But AGL Tiles JUMBO and IMPERIO range brings a mega mighty innovation in double charge vitrified tiles.

Why AGL Tiles JUMBO & IMPERIO Double Charge Vitrified Tiles Beat The Competition?

The BIG & BEAUTIFUL 1000 x 1000mm JUMBO Double Charge Vitrified Tiles and the 800 x 800mm IMPERIO Double Charge Vitrified Tiles, manufactured using the world’s most eco-friendly double charge technology of the world developed by SACMI, Italy are introduced for the first time in India. Both these double charge vitrified tile range come with a lot of features and standout for their innovative features that include:

Innovative Technology:

They are manufactures using fully automatic imported robot checking Auto Recto Planner to check size, rectangularity and planarity of each tile for quality. It also includes world’s widest kin (First in India), latest press with ultra-modern feeders, longest 5 layer dryer and modern polishing technology.

Detailed Design:

Each of the double charge vitrified tiles comes with minute detail in design that enhances depth in creation.

Resemble Natural Stone:

Choose AGL Tiles JUMBO or IMPERIO vitrified tiles for stylishly, timeless double charge vitrified tiles which resemble natural Italian stone.

Nano-Tech & Ultra Gloss:

Surface protected using latest Nano technology and super shined through superior longest polishing technology (First in India).


The range of these gigantic vitrified tiles has less water absorption, thus making it more durable compared to other vitrified tiles.

Browse through the stunning designs and modern range of our 1000 x 100mm JUMBO and 800x800mm IMPERIO range of double charge vitrified tiles today.