Our exclusive range of AGL Tiles Grestek Hardstone heavy-duty vitrified tiles is a great combination of aesthetics and endurance. Beautiful on the outside and tough on the inside, AGL Tiles Grestek Hardstone is infused with unmatched quality and strength which makes them an ideal floor tiles choice for heavy traffic areas in residential and commercial spaces. With toughness designed for high impact spaces, it comes with extreme durability and strength that can easily bear all the wear and tear of heavy traffic areas.


AGL Tiles Grestek Hardstone Heavy Duty Vitrified Tiles

They come with great endurance capacity to add the perfect flooring for railway stations, ports, Airports, Restaurants, parking areas, malls and hospitals and more. Crafted with ELEMENT-T technology that stands for TOUGH, TRENDING, TOLERANT and TANTALIZING, Grestek Hardstone range of heavy duty vitrified floor tiles are aesthetically appealing too.  So what makes Grestek Hardstone stand out and the perfect flooring option for heavy traffic areas?


Incredible 16mm Thickness & Full Body Vitrified Tiles:


The heavy duty vitrified tiles come with a 16mm thickness that offers excellent durability, strength and endurance for versatile applications. These full body vitrified floor tiles are impervious to chips and scratches. Thus making them great choice for heavy-traffic areas.


Abrasion Resistant:

Element T technology makes our Grestek Hardstone vitrified tiles ready for high wear and tear Thus making them durable and strong enough for any residential and nearly all commercial  applications.


High Load Bearing Traffic:

With MOR min 45N/ MM, these tiles offer excellent load bearing capacity for heavy traffic commercial areas


Low Water Absorption:


With water absorption less than 0.5% (ISO-10545-3), Grestek Hardstone makes a great choice as a versatile floor tiles option for commercial projects like malls, airports, hospitals, etc.


Resembles Natural Stone


Available in stunning designs that resemble natural stone, these heavy duty vitrified tiles add distinct elegance.


Application Areas:


uitable for both indoor and outdoor areas in residential and commercial like Airport, restaurant, hospital, malls and more.

Choose elegant natural stone look-like flooring for your residential or commercial projects with the Grestek Hardstone heavy duty vitrified tiles today.