A restaurant is such a space where people come to relax and relish. So, its interior should have been designed in such a way that it looks soothing to eyes but at the same time, it must look ravishing. This focuses more on the tile selection, especially the floor tiles.

Three major areas in any restaurant are the kitchen, dining area and washroom. Have a look at this blog post to know how you can infuse the style and status into your restaurant.

1. Floor tiles for dining area

Comfort, charm and warmth are the core elements any dining area should have. This is the space of a restaurant which you can make innovative. You can use composite marble or quartz to get that polished and stylish look. On the contrary, if you want a classic effect to be infused, go for the matt-finish floor tiles or the wooden tiles. Consider ESTUTARIO tiles for a sleek look and DECOR ORE GRIGIO for a classy matt look, to be specific. These tiles are to create the calm and classy ambience. Also, you can think of a really unique concept for the dining area of your restaurant. Go for a modern mosaic for the walls or a bold graffiti along with some sarcastic quotes on food. Then, your restaurant would be popular among the youngsters, for sure!

2. Floor tiles for kitchen and pantry

Now comes the kitchen part of your restaurant. As you are already aware, the kitchen is the space where there are maximum chances of stains. And hence, you have to use the tiles that can withstand stains and minor scratches. As it’s a kitchen, there are maximum chances of the floor getting stained more often. Floor tiles with matt finish would be the best fit for this requirement.

3. Tiles for washrooms

As you own a posh restaurant, its washroom also must have a class together with it being clean and tidy. Select the tiles of matt finish and dark colors so that you don’t have to take much pain to clean it. You can consider installing the subway tiles as well for a more subtle look. Select neutral shades for tiles and match them with dark shades of washroom accessories and metal faucets. AGL has a huge variety of bathroom floor tiles from which you can select the one that suits your restaurant décor the most. All our tiles are made to exhibit superior quality at the best rates.

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