Does glossy finish allure you the most? But is matt finish classy and contemporary? Well, we are talking about the tile finishes here. If you are planning to buy the tiles for your office or home, you need to read this. Both- glossy and matt tiles have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Through this blog, we have tried to give you maximum clarity on both the tile finishes. Have a look.

Advantages of glossy tiles

1. They make space look larger

Do you want to tile any of your home’s small areas like a small bathroom or a small kitchen? In that case, you can consider going with glossy tiles as they allow the light to reflect and bounce around the room which makes the small room look larger than they actually are. Also, they make the room look brighter which is why you should use them as bathroom tiles or for box rooms.

2. Glossy tiles are easy to clean

Their smooth polish makes their surface easier to clean than the matt tiles. You just have to wipe these tiles with a cloth and they are clean. This is the reason why they are a perfect choice for the kitchens and backsplashes. Glossy floor tiles can also be installed around the fireplaces so that the fire’s soot and grime can be easily removed.

Disadvantages of glossy tiles

1. Glossy tiles are slippery

Their smooth silky surface makes these tiles slippery, especially when they are wet. This is the reason why you should never use these tiles for bathroom flooring.

2. They highlight imperfections

Glossy tiles are shinier than the matt tiles and so, they easily show the dust. This is why they are tough to maintain in terms of cleaning. You have to clean them very often. Apart from this, it is very tough to hide even the minor scratches and breakages.

Advantages of matt tiles

1. Matt tiles have a better grip

Matt tiles have the higher traction that the glossy tiles and so, they are preferred more as floor tiles, especially as bathroom floor tiles. If we tell you specifically, you can lay matt porcelain or ceramic tiles in the entrance. Well, if they are wet, even matt tiles have the slippery nature but these are the better options compared to glossy tiles, particularly for wet rooms.

2. They require less maintenance

Matt tiles are good at concealing the dust particles, cracks or minor breakages. They even hide the dried water droplet impressions and hence, these tiles do not need often cleaning. And whenever you clean them, you just wipe them with a slightly-damp mop and they are clean! Thus, matt tiles need lower maintenance and cleaning than the glossy tiles.

Disadvantages of matt tiles

1. With time, they develop stubborn stains

Yes, it is correct that matt tiles do not reveal the stains and dust easily but at the same time, if there are stains on them for a long time, you have to pay hard efforts. Such stains become stubborn with time and then, it would be quite difficult to remove them.

2. The small room won’t look spacious

Matt tiles don’t reflect back the light and so, they do not open up the small space like the glossy tiles do. So ultimately, matt floor tiles are a better option for the larger rooms and brighter spaces of your homes.

So, matt or glossy- what would you go with?