Planning to give a makeover to your bathroom? Are you still thinking about re-painting it? Don’t! Gone are those days when there were not more options available for the bathroom tiles. Today, a wide variety of tiles are sold in the market with several tile designs, patterns and colors.

So, here are some great bathroom tiles ideas to explore and add jazz to the space, once again!

1. Create a vibrant color combination

Are you thinking of going with the same colored tiles for bathroom floor tiles and walls, both? Why use the same tiles when you can mix and match different colors? Choose two or three different colors and make a great combination. It would really create a unique look. Selecting bold colors for shower backsplashes and shelves can do the trick while using nude colors for the rest of the bathroom.

2. Create a dark décor

Are you unsure about bright and vibrant shades? Then go for darker tones of the tiles. Navy blue, charcoal, black and dark grey are some of the best tones to be used for bathrooms. If you want to add an ultra-subtle appeal to the space, use matt-finish tiles.

3. Let mosaic tiles come into the picture

Mosaic tiles come in different colors and sizes which can really add intensity to the bathroom space. Pick a nice color and size for the wall tiles and smooth matt for bathroom floor tiles. You can also maintain the cost element by wisely using the large-size tiles.

4. Play with patterns

Patterned tiles are one of the great innovations in the ceramic industry. Choose from an immense variety of tiles available with AGL. Right from geometric patterns to floral and natural-inspired patterns to subtle ones, we have covered everything for you!

We, at Asian Granito India Ltd., have a huge collection of tiles in different colors, designs, finishes and sizes. Explore the entire collection now!