The kitchen is a space to be clean and classy together but as we all know, often it becomes a clutter than the classy one! This is why you need to pay extra attention while choosing the interior for your kitchen space. So, if you are planning to redo the interior of your kitchen space anytime soon, read this blog on kitchen tiles ideas could help you!

4 best kitchen tiles ideas are here:

1. For the subtle and chic look


As shown in the above tile concept of AGL, you can also go with a chic combination of two or three nude solid shades. Look how beautiful this combo of honey and grey floor tiles looks! Use such combinations for kitchen tiles and extend it to the dining area. Match it with solid nature-color furniture.

2. For the bright and beautiful look


Choose kitchen floor tiles wisely, especially when you have a modular kitchen. If you have chosen the modules to be wooden, pick the floor tiles with a good contrast. A lighter shade of wooden furniture goes with darker tones of matt floor tiles and vice versa. Add a few lamp hangings over the serving top and some smart kitchen accessories to make it really beautiful. Using light tones for floor and wall tiles can also create a captivating appearance!

3. For the mod and casual look


If you have a sea or river-facing kitchen and dining space, you are benefitted! Let it be an open space. Just add some lighter colored matt floor tiles like ivory or honey beige or greyish pine to match them with nature. And yes, don’t forget to bring-in the jute furniture.

4. The glossy and glittery look


If you want to achieve this sleek and shiny look for your kitchen, go for AGL’s marble or quartz. Our tile ranges such as Crystal series can spruce up your kitchen space. Together with adding a polished look and feel, this quartz series also gives you the confidence to use bold and bright colors to beautify the space. Consider TOSCO FIERO, STARDUST, SAPPHIRE and BURGUNDY MAPLE for the countertops and lighter matte tiles for the floor.

Liked these kitchen and dining area tiling ideas? Keep watching this space for more!