Renovating your old bathroom and wondering which type of tiles you should use for floor and walls?

The discussion usually comes down to whether using porcelain or ceramic floor tiles will be the perfect choice. Should you use the same types of tiles of floor and wall for a matching finish or use both the types in either wall tiles for bathroom floor tiles.

Porcelain Tiles:

Porcelain tiles are denser with very low porosity. Further porcelain tiles offer more stain-resistance and slip-resistance, thus making them a great choice for bathroom floors. Thus unlike marble floor these have better suited to moisture and bacteria prone areas like bathroom. Within porcelain tiles, semi-polished porcelain tiles are preferable than polished porcelain tiles as they have a more natural appeal and are less-slippery than polished porcelain tiles.

Porcelain tiles by AGL Tiles like Grestek XXL or Grestek Hardstone feature excellent examples of minimalist look and natural stone-like look that can work wonders for your bathroom.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles are lighter; have lesser porosity compared to porcelain tiles. Moreover these come in stunning designs and colors, all thanks to innovations in digital printing technology.

As they are light, ceramic tiles makes excellent choice as bathroom wall tiles to make a stunning statement and keep your bathroom water-resistant. AGL Tiles presents a stunning range of ceramic bathroom floor tiles and ceramic wall tiles like the Bella Marmo or Sleek Blue Art in Ceramic Floor Tiles and Agro Wood or Strip Green in Ceramic Wall Tiles. Choosing porcelain tiles for your bathroom floor and ceramic wall tiles for your bathroom walls indeed makes for a great choice.

Large Format Tiles – The Contemporary Trend


Large format tile with its reduced grout lines and large clean area add a sense of space that makes the area appear bigger as also add sophistication and elegance to your bathroom.