Ceramic wall tiles are versatile and popular choice for both residential and commercial projects. They have low porosity and are resistant to moisture, humidity, bacteria, fungus, odor ,stain and fire which makes them easy to maintain and a great long term investment for your home. AGL Tiles offers you a wide array of ceramic wall tiles and digital tiles in an attractive range of size, shapes, textures, designs and colors to enhance your home, corridors/ halls, hotel, hospital, school, religious place, pubs and bars.

5 Benefits of Ceramic Wall tiles

We explore the top 5 benefits of choosing ceramic wall tiles for your home and why they make for a smart choice.

Easy to Clean, Hygienic and Environment Friendly:

Ceramic wall tiles are easy to clean and maintain. Their resistance to moisture, bacteria, stains and fire makes them an excellent choice for areas like kitchen or bathroom that have high exposure to moisture, bacteria. Moreover these do not attract dust or dirt, which makes the clean and durable. The Petal Grey Decor or Fusion Grey Decor wall tiles by AGL Tiles like are excellent examples of versatile ceramic tiles.

Wide Designs and colors:

There are a wide array of attractive designs, colors and patterns available in ceramic wall that can meet your design goals. AGL Tiles offers you an extensive range of tiles like Adora Aqua Decor, Andes Blue Decor and many more high-quality designs to give your residential or commercial project a complete makeover.

Low Porosity:

 While ceramic wall tiles have low water porosity, glazed ceramic wall tiles offer an extra protective layer that gives them improved water absorption, stain resistance and frost resistance. These do not attract dust or dust mites are resistant to abrasive chemicals and odor resistant which makes them durable.


Low Maintenance and Durable:

 Ceramic wall tiles are dense, durable and crack resistant which allows them to look stunning for years. They make the perfect choice as a kitchen splashback, bathroom wall tile, or verandah as they are moisture and humidity resistant. Further, unlike marble there is no special maintenance involved to ensure its durability. It is stain and wear resistant



 These are an affordable options compared to vitrified tiles or natural stones like marble or granite. Apart from the cost of installation, their versatility, durability and functionality benefits makes them an affordable choice for wall tiles