Looking to renovate your bathroom flooring? How about giving your bathroom a luxury spa-like look? You can now own a personal oasis right inside your home with the right selection of tiles and design. Just follow these quick and simple 3 tips for your bathroom flooring and see your bathroom transformed into a luxury spa.

Functionality First and Hygiene:

Bathroom demands hygiene and cleanliness. Therefore bathroom flooring must be water and moisture-resistant tiles and secondly be available in a wide variety of colors and designs to help you pick your favorite decor. Choosing tiles that are moisture and bacteria-resistant make it easy to maintain your bathroom. Porcelain Tiles or ceramic tiles like Dolce Rave Brown or Cosmos Ivory are a great option for their versatile functional benefits.

Large Format Tiles or Small Tiles:

Large format tiles in your bathroom make the space appear bigger due to reduction in grout lines and large clean space. Choosing light colors further make the bathroom appear brighter, sophisticated and roomy as compared to using dark colors. On the other hand small tiles with higher grout lines offer better traction. Apart from the classic square design, you can also choose from the honeycomb, chevron, herringbone or windmill pattern to give your bathroom the oomph factor.

Designer Bathroom Walls:

Think out-of-the box and add a personality to your bathroom with patterned or geometric wall tiles. You can never go wrong with light, bright walls and ceilings for a relaxed spa-like feeling. While an all-white or minimalist natural stone-like look from floor to ceiling is a classic favorite, digital wall tiles also come in artistic designs and bright colors to help you achieve a luxurious look on your bathroom walls.