Are you remodeling your bathroom or thinking to renovate your bathroom soon in this festive season?

Choosing the right bathroom floor tile can make all the difference. From the type of tile, to tile design, pattern or even tile layout, designing the bathroom ground-up makes for a great start.

As your retreat and personal space, a well-designed bathroom speaks volumes about your lifestyle as also is a great addition to your beautiful home. AGL Tiles brings you the most diverse range of thin and large format vitrified floor tiles that promise to work wonders for your bathroom.

Top 3 tips to get your bathroom floor and wall tiles right

We explore top 3 tips that include the type of your bathroom floor, size of tiles, tile design and how AGL Tiles gets it all done.

Porcelain Tiles over vitrified Tiles:

Porcelain tiles are harder, denser, less porous, slip-resistant and less prone to moisture and stain-absorption. Thus making them a more popular choice over vitrified tiles for bathroom floor and wall tiles. AGL Tiles offers you wide range of style, colors, textures and finish like stone, wood and graphic look with its Grestek Slimgres range that are thinnest tiles made in India. Tiles like the Levigato Decor Alabaster Beige or the Decor Crema Marfil add a personality to your bathroom.

Large Format Tiles:

Large format tiles add a sophisticated elegance where ever they go. The reduction in grout lines, clear large space and ability to create a sense of scale, makes them a popular choice. AGL Tiles presents Grestek XXL which takes the efficiency of large format tiles to the next level. You can also combine small and large-scale patterns to create a harmonious balance and a more toned space.


Pair patterns with plain:

Thinking of Hexagon vitrified tiles or designer pattern like the Decor Crema Marfil? It is best to restrict the use of patterned tile to one surface, either the floor or wall to balance the whole aesthetics. Pairing pattern wall floor tiles like Butterfly Art Decor digital wall tiles with plain tiles like AGL Tiles Neo Snow or AGL Tiles ImpactWhite makes for a great match.

So why wait? Give your bathroom the perfect makeover with the stunning range of vitrified floor tiles today.