Nature has many things to offer like the humongous mountains, the fresh and green forest, diverse species, the earthy smell after the rain (Petrichor) and many more. Then there are things created by us ‘The Homosapiens’ that we can enjoy or utilize at the same time. We have created many things we can cherish and relish. Have you ever wondered noticed what things around you are made of? A tile is one such thing that has been ignored by us. It could be used for many other purposes besides flooring a dwelling with it. Construction and tiles companies in India have a number of things to offer that are made from tile. These include various kinds of water bodies that are used for domestic and commercial purpose.


In a sunny day what you want to do is go in the shade and take a cold shower or take a dive into the swimming pool. I guess by now you must have got the gist. Yes, the swimming pool is covered in tiles and there are a number of reasons behind it. I used to wonder why quartz stones and marbles were not used for swimming pools then the obvious clicked in my mind.


  • Swimming pool are huge water bodies and to make the build cost efficient and builders use ceramic tiles as they have very low porosity and are cheaper than marbles. Ceramic tiles are also long lasting and the colour doesn’t fade away as the dye is put into the mixture before putting it in the kiln. Even if a tile breaks then we can easily replace it with a new tile. In order to build a swimming pool one needs a very strong adhesive that is water resistant.



  • These Slate tiles are also used to make other water based structures and are also used in building artificial waterfalls as quartz stones and marbles are expensive. You must have seen that many special economic zones and commercial places have fountains or small ponds that are pleasant on the eyes and attract customers.



  • Bar is another thing that attracts a huge number of people with that burnish bar front. Bar front is made out of tiles as they are easy to clean and fitting for a place like a bar.



  • Murals are work of art made out of pieces of tiles that are put together to form an image or design. If you live in the capital you might have noticed the tile murals made on metro pillars by school kids near Karol Bagh and it looks very imaginative. Some murals are so big and beautiful that one can’t put a price on it.


  • There are a lot of creative things available in the market these days which are made out of a tile. There are Digital tiles available in the market on which you can get a quote, an image or something personal printed. These can be used to design a kid’s room that is filled with cartoons or any colourful design.



One can never imagine that someone could do so much with a mere tile. If you think you can do something imaginative with something like a tile then go ahead and do it because in order to be creative one must lose the fear of being wrong.