Top flooring ideas

Interior decor is on the rise as more and more people opt for homes that are more beautiful than comfortable. Flooring is an integral part of any home décor and gone are the days when floors were just meant to be stepped on. We have seen a great rise in the innovations and experimentations in flooring ideas in the recent past. Tiles can be given a lot of credit for sort of dominating the flooring space for a long time now. This can be ascribed to the innumerable flooring tiles options available to the new age consumer, diversity not just in the floor tiles but also in terms of designs and prices. There is something for someone in the new proliferating tile industry.


Here are a few top flooring ideas that you could take into consideration while choosing floor tiles for your home:

  • The innumerable choices at disposal: You have the likes of vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles and digital tiles among many others to choose for the flooring. So how to go about it? Talking about vitrified tiles, you can be absolute certain about the hardness and resistance to water. Vitrified tiles then make for a good choice for bathrooms. Vitrified tiles also win over marble flooring because of the durability. The beautiful designs and cuts that vitrified tiles come in are another reason to opt for them.


  • Ceramic tiles: The area where ceramic tiles win is the price and affordability. This doesn’t mean that these tiles are not aesthetically appealing. Be certain to find as many pleasing designs as you could wish for. Ceramic tiles are also resistant to friction and are easier to clean and maintain. We highly recommend ceramic tiles for kitchen flooring as they are easy to clean and are highly stain resistant. Makes your life so much easier.


  • Digital tiles: Now these are the tiles that could cost you some of your money but it is totally worth it. If you are in a position to shell out some big bucks, you must totally go for digital tiles. Digital tiles can be credited with changing a lot in the tiles industry. They are repositories of a tradition which promotes innovation and creativity. You could even design your own digital tile to give the décor a personal touch. Customization and product differentiation is what makes digital tiles rather special. How about having a small corner in the bedroom floor made out of digital tiles? Or think on the lines of creating a special floor space in your home (kids room maybe) by having ‘chess’ or ‘ludo’ flooring. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?


  • Budgeting: It is highly recommended to have your budget sorted out before going for floor tiles in your home. You would save yourself a lot of hassles later on. It is also advisable to have a buffer of about 20% over and above the budget to ease out the entire process.


  • Research: No floor tiles should be incorporated in the décor without doing any research of the market. There are many trusted and reputed tiles manufacturers and you must make sure to get quotations from more than one dealer.


The floor is perhaps one of the first things you notice whenever you enter a house. If you go by the saying, ‘first impression is the last impression’, you ought to brainstorm creative flooring ideas right from the get go.