Marble into interior design

In the recent years in the architectural space, marble has carved a unique niche for itself. The boom is so much so that it is impossible to envision an interior design for home or office without marble in it. However, we would not advise to go overboard with marble but keep it chic and stylish by incorporating marble in your interior in bits and pieces. How about using marble as a statement accessory? Think about it! Here are a few ways by which you can effectively incorporate marble in your existing interior design:


  • Using marble as a part of your wall or floor: Remember to use marble in either of the space as too much marble can make the space a cold demeanour. This is far from being desirable. Using composite marble in either the flooring or wall will give a rather classic appearance to the entire space. You could further accentuate the look by adding some chic pieces of accessories to go with the entire interior.


  • Think on the lines of having some cool marble furniture: You could find it a little uneasy to envision marble furniture or could even dismiss it as rather dull and boring but on deep thought marble furniture could be a great means to add that edge to your interior. Composite marble goes a long way in making for a great piece of furniture. It is both sturdy meaning it can stand a lot of wear and tear and also it is very elegant. You get the best of both worlds i.e. sturdiness and elegance.


  • Agglomerated marble: While you have a few ideas now as to where you could employ marble in your interiors, think about what marble type you would be choosing. Agglomerate marble is a great option for getting a centre table because of the finishing which is a unique combination of dust and chips. This table when adorned with a good piece of accessory will make for a pleasant site. Not only this agglomerate marble makes for a great choice in both flooring and wall décor. You just need to keep a fine balance in terms of colours and cuts.


  • Engineered marble: This marble type has the appearance of a natural stone except the fact that it is highly conducive to moisture. The engineered marble makes for good kitchen cabinets because of the look and comfort it imparts. This can also be employed in the bathrooms because of the ease with which it works with water.


There are a lot many marble types that are available in the market today catering to all tastes and likings. Marble has always known to speak to an audience with refined taste and dates back to many centuries. Keep it subtle and make sure to do a good market research before finalizing on any marble piece of furniture or accessory. Also, do not stick to the conventional marble whites and go ahead and experiment with colours that are on a boom in the marble industry. We are sure you would love the end result of all the experimentation and hard work in your interior décor!