Make Your Dream Kitchen A Reality

Kitchen is perhaps the most important part of any home. It is the place that satiates your food desires and sets the ball rolling for daily action to follow. It is very likely to have a dream kitchen in mind, a blend of comfort and class.  Tiles come closest to taking the aesthetic quotient higher in the kitchens. They are both aesthetically appealing as well as ensure a smooth functioning of the kitchen tasks. The best part about choosing tiles for kitchen is that there are so many types available. Yes, you are literally spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing kitchen tiles.

So what are the things you should keep in mind before choosing the right tiles for your dream kitchen? Have a look at some of these:


Differentiate between flooring and wall tiles

The former tile type has to be safe to walk on while the latter could be more ornamental to say the least. Remember, kitchen is a space where casualties are best avoided.


Where to install tiles

This also needs to be determined before tile installation. The exact location where the tile would be i.e. behind the stove or underneath the wall cabinet.sit with your designer and have the details chalked out to the absolute precision.


Tile types

Kitchen tiles can be as varied as you would like them to be. There are a number of options like quarry, ceramic, bamboo, vinyl, glass, porcelain to name a few. It all depends upon your tastes and preferences. You could go for a combination of two or more of these tile types. Think on the lines of going for bamboo tiles for kitchen flooring whereas experiment with glass tiles for the walls and ceramic or porcelain for the kitchen cabinets. Doesn’t it make for a pretty picture?



One of the basic things before going for any type of tiles is the budgeting. You would be having a dream kitchen in mind but sadly all can’t be realized if you are working on a budget. This doesn’t mean that you have to shell out big bucks to get your floor tiles and kitchen tiles in order but a little planning ahead in terms of budget will only work in your favour. Custom designed ceramic tiles could be expensive as opposed to the linoleum tiles. It is highly advisable to do the market research before zeroing in on any specific tile type. Do not trust the quotation given by one single dealer.


Choose resilient floor tiles

It goes without saying that floor tiles should be chosen after taking into account the lifestyle habits of your household. Resilience is of utmost importance when choosing floor tiles. 

Custom mosaic tile

This could be great option for kitchen tiles but only if you have the budget to do so. We would say go easy and sturdy on the floor tiles and employ one of the walls with these custom mosaic tiles to give your kitchen a personal touch and make it all the more appealing!


The room where all your food comes from is bound to be a happy place to stand in, isn’t it? This is why you need to be meticulous about how your kitchen looks and the things that you include in it.