Tile Your House Up Real Nice

Tiles are the home decor pillars that a house can’t do without. Right from neat and clean kitchen tiles to sober looking bathroom tiles to personalized floor tiles and vibrant looking wall tiles, tiles are everywhere around us. If they weren’t evergreen, this would not have been the case. Even in a space where change is the only constant, tiles somehow retain their essence year in year out. Check out any interior design bible or any home decor trend setter magazine, you are bound to find a section dedicated to tiles somewhere or the other. Even though options like composite marble and the quartz stone have opened up lately, tiles haven’t lost their due significance and rapport with the home decor community.

If you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone and use tiles in an unconventional manner which makes your house stand apart, then here are some tips and tricks which will come to your aid:


  1. The digital side of tiles:

Tiles can be used digitally these days, thanks to the advent of technology. Just like every other industry sector out there, technology and innovation has penetrated the home decor sector as well. Be it any design or an abstract pattern, you can get absolutely anything and everything printed on your tiles as per your desire. This is the best way to give your home a personalized touch all around.



  1. Make good use of the leftover tiles:

Tiles just like everything else don’t live forever. But what you can do is pick up and scrape out your tile leftovers, however disoriented they may seem and make yourself an altogether new design. Combine different tile designs to come up with your own abstract. Disorientation is the new sexy!



  1. Vibrant colours are in:

Gone are the days when sober colours used to be widespread throughout the house. Dark colours are in fashion these days and they are going to be in-tune for a long time now. Even though they don’t help with the brightness and illumination that much, they do impart a sense of sophistication at many levels. Go romantic with bloody red or optimistic with sky blue or subtle with dark grey. You will often feel spoilt for choice with all the palette options out there.



  1. Deconstructed wall tiles:

Have you ever heard of deconstructed dishes? Well, you get the gist! Getting your favourite footballer’s wallpaper in your room is no more the trendsetter these days. There are oh so many creative outlets out there which will not only satiate your senses but will give your passion that much needed outlet as well. Using deconstructed wall tiles means incorporating deconstructed versions of your favourite Hollywood start or the tennis idol that inspires you or a motivational example setter. This is a new spin in the current home decor segment. You should try and tap this while it’s hot for any day now, this could turn obsolete as well. Ideas don’t remain original anymore these days, do they?




One thing’s for sure – if you want your house to possess a style statement, you would have to incorporate tiles in one way or the other. Judging by the fact that every household has them, thinking out of the box is the way to go.