‘Survival of the fittest’ is the norm which has been proven true time and time again since day and age. You have to fuel up your body with nutrients to keep the engine running. Eating is an essential part of survival from the beginning of time. All the creatures somehow know that their body needs food to survive. As we started evolving, we realised that we should cook food to kill the harmful organisms that can affect our fitness and eventually could lead to our demise.

We also learnt the science behind food and nutrition which further led to the creation of diet. In the time of the early men, humans used to cook in the wild and there was no particular room that was meant for cooking but now you’ll find a kitchen in every household without one shadow of a doubt.

Every house has a room devoted for cooking because a house without a kitchen is not essentially a house anymore. Every kitchen has a different design and décor right from eccentric kitchen tiles to vibrant wall tiles, from the usage of the sturdy agglomerated marble to the evergreen quartz stone. Some kitchens are merged with a dining hall and some are modern with an open design. We invest all the money we have on the other rooms of the house but not on the one room that has a major direct role in our survival.

Everyone would agree when we say that the kitchen’s interiors have a huge impact on the mood of the chef. The décor creates a positive atmosphere to cook in the kitchen. Ergo, it is something which should not be side stepped and it is something which deserves your attention definitely.

Don’t worry though, as we’ll help you out with the tit-bits for beautifying your kitchen.


  • Kitchen Tiles: Let’s start with the basics. Kitchen tiles creates the base on which you can put all the utensils and decorative accessories. Ceramic tiles are the most commonly used tiles in the industry. Tiles companies in India manufacture a variant of ceramic tiles i.e. vitrified tiles. The colour dye in these tiles are mixed before putting it in the kiln and even if the tile gets scratched somehow, the colour would remain the same as it is not polished like its ceramic counterparts.


  • Decorative: The word ‘utensils’ clearly suggests its meaning. You can buy polished and colourful utensils and kitchen accessories for your kitchen to bring it back to life. These are the add-ons which will give your kitchen that much desired unique look, a sense of sophistication through a personalized touch of your own.



  • Flooring: One of the most important aspects of the kitchen is the floor you lay your foot on. Tiles companies in India have also started providing matte finished floor tiles for good grip that are not as slippery as those shiny polished floors.


  • Be Innovative: You can tweak a lot of things in your kitchen. You can get some personalized murals installed on the kitchen tiles. Get a lamp installed or get your kitchen tiles carved into custom diamond shaped designs.



We hope by now you have realised how important the kitchen is; so it is about time you bring your kitchen back to life because it’s a source of energy that has made your survival possible on this planet.