Winter is here and the cold makes us spend most of the time, indoors. But there is nothing more satisfying then a cozy evening in your own outdoor space with family and friends! Keep it warm, keep it cozy and make it the 'IT' place for your winter gatherings with these outdoor styling tips.


Place a few cushions on your outdoor furniture and it starts feeling warm already.


Add more warmth with a throw or two. Not only is it uber stylish, you can wrap yourself in it if, it starts getting a little too cold for comfort!


A bonfire is the perfect way to help you munch on those peanuts and keep the talks alive.


Nothing beats the perfect lighting. Candles. Tea-lights. Lamps. More the merrier!


Plants give comfort and complete the cozy surroundings.


Bring all of the above together and get set to have the time of your life in your own outdoor space. Celebrate the beautiful life!