For most of us, a bathroom is our place of ‘Zen’ in the house. Hence, its overall appeal and aura should be anything but mundane. In light of that, how do you decide the material that is best suited to your bathroom space? It’s not just about design anymore, as it needs to be practical as well.Here are some material considerations that will make your decision making easier:


Glass Tiles: They’re easily the easiest and the most common choice for bathrooms these days. They come in a wide array of sleek finishes and attractive colours. Moreover, the fact that they can be recycled quite easily is just an added benefit.


Marble: This will seamlessly fit in with your contemporary home decor, being an age-old favourite option for home makers. You can’t replicate the look and the appeal of marble by using any other material. However, it requires periodical cleaning and maintenance, which can be easily done.


Mosaic Tiles: ‘Mosaic tiles’ are the current buzzword when you talk about home decor in general. Usually shaped in squares, pennies or rectangles, these glossy themed, beautiful mosaic tiles are easy to clean. Mosaic tiles also provide necessary traction which comes in handy post a relaxing shower.


Slate: Even though this material hasn’t hit the heights in terms of its popularity and usage, it is known for its longevity and incessant beauty. Do keep in mind that it showcases a tendency to split as it is too soft in texture.


Ceramic Tiles: Ceramic tiles are tailor made for moisture rich environments and work well for bathrooms. They are sturdy and waterproof. Easy installation and easy maintenance make Ceramic tiles a great option for the bathroom. Interior designers love these tiles as the ceramic surface proves ideal for painting. This makes them a good value-for-money option.


Natural Stone: When one talks about durability, natural stone comes first in the pecking order. It will give your bathroom a unique look as no two stones are alike which makes sure that you will get a natural pattern on your tiled walls or floors. Make sure to pay heed to the maintenance requirements before opting for a particular stone.


At the end of the day, the difference in the quality of the materials is not vast, so it all depends on the taste. ‘To each his own’, as they say!