The year 2015 ended so fast. Do you also feel the same? Well, it is that time of the year to let go of the old and embrace the new. Here are a few colour trends that will be hot in the year 2016.


Lilacs and Purples - To add warmth and sophistication. Spring Lilac works best in the bedroom or sitting rooms with a view.


Dark Aubergine - A powder room in this deep brinjal colour shade adds depth and looks divine.


Milky Blues - This is a move away from the glossy shades and into the more faded ones. A trend that will definitely catch on like wildfire!


Navy blue - For people wanting to go black but have trouble using it, a particular shade of navy blue serves the same purpose but does it in a softer way.


Dark Teal - The most versatile of all colours - it goes well with the deep colour of the woods as well as the whites in the house. You will not regret using dark teal whatever be your furniture.


Blush Pink - Pair it up with metallic tones like brass and bronze, the powdery pink has a place of its own. And no, it is not for the kids no more.


Citrusy Yellow - This is yellow with a green base to add freshness to your living space. Works extremely well in combination with plum or burgundy and will add warmth to the kitchen.


White - Not only does white makes a small space look bigger that it is, you can never go wrong with it. Keep it all white to add the illusion of space or complement with shades of any dark colour to accentuate any corner of your house.


Deep Green - Rich and vibrant, it works well in both traditional as well as modern settings. The green effect adds life to the space.


Whatever you choose, go ahead, sit back and enjoy the beautiful life with these colours. Celebrate colours, celebrate the beautiful life.