It is very easy to design a spacious kitchen because you have a lot of room to experiment with. But, with small kitchen spaces, it becomes a big assignment to work on. Small kitchens need big ideas, functional designs, and inventiveness. Generally, modular kitchen designs work best for small kitchens as they utilize the space completely. Modular kitchen interior helps us revamp our old-fashioned kitchen into a smart one. However, a lot of work and ideas go into building a small modular kitchen. If your apartment has a small kitchen space, you are just at the right place!

This blog is going to brief you about a few ways in which you can make the most out of the space that is available.

Design Ideas For Small Kitchen.

1.Convertible Kitchen Furniture:

If your kitchen is comparatively smaller, try incorporating convertible kitchen furniture. This will save your kitchen space and make it look big. Style that comes with comfort and functionality feels like a blessing to small spaces.

2.Electric Stoves:

when we talk about modular kitchens, we talk more about functionality. The kind of functionality that comes with comfort can truly be termed modular. Normal gas stoves do not give access to maintain proper hygiene. Also, it has become old-fashioned and there are other more convenient options available in the market, so why not choose them?

Electric stoves increase the counter space and elevate the kitchen style. It keeps the kitchen clean and to top it all off, it adds to the uniformity of your modular kitchen.

3.Open Kitchen Plate Racks:

There are a few designs that look the best the way they are. Vintage plate racks have made their way back into the kitchen designs. These racks add an aesthetic value to your modular kitchen. These racks are wall-mounted, so it saves a lot of space and complements the idea of a small kitchen is modular.

4.Extend The Cabinets Upto The Ceiling:

Extending the cabinets up to the ceiling will add to your kitchen storage space. Having a small kitchen means that you will have to cut down and prioritize your belongings since there is very little space that you can keep the things you need the most. You cannot think of having a separate pantry for storing things, hence, extending these kitchen cabinets will do most of the work for you. Small kitchen design ideas are all about making the most out of the space that is available. So, extending these kitchen cabinets will not only add storage space but will also save your energy from cleaning the dust.

5.Open Shelves:

Open shelves compel us to keep the space organized and clean. Normally people don't seem to clean the cabinets from the inside at regular intervals and so, open shelves are preferred more. It also allows keeping our frequently used items handy and in reach. Open Shelving is comparatively less expensive and makes the kitchen look more welcoming.


Small spaces ask us to work efficiently after the interior. To transform your normal kitchen into a modular kitchen you can incorporate a smart stove, add wall mounted plate racks to keep the vintage vibe alive, extend the kitchen cabinets up to the ceiling to utilize the entire space, and add open shelves for better reach to frequently used items in the kitchen.

If you're for something economical, parcticle board is your best option. It is also highly sustainable as it is made from compacting waste materials and sawdust. It is a very light material and hence less durable. Before investing in this material, know the purpose you are going to use it for.

Color-coordinated kitchen interior, having convertible kitchen tops, making complete use of the space, and investing in smart kitchen appliances will make your tiny space look spacious.

It completely depends upon one's personal choice and usage. However, if you're looking for an option that provides more durability, a high gloss finish is the best option.


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