4 Different Types of Water Closets

The toilet (commode) plays a vital role in the interior of any bathroom. Thanks to modern technology for allowing us to discharge human waste hygienically. This safeguards us from exposure to loathsome germs, diseases, and odors. WC is used as an abbreviation for toilets or washrooms these days.

Toilet and sanitation are crucial for the healthy development of people across the world. It provides facilities and services for the disposal of human urine and feces with safety. It maintains hygiene and provides services like garbage collection and wastewater disposal.

There are 4 main types of water closets. Let’s discuss them!

Types of Water Closet

1.Electronic Water Closet (EWC):

Electronic Water Closet (EWC)

Technology has found its way to toilets. Toilets with technology are termed as ‘Smart Toilets’. These toilets are outfitted with sensors that activate the flushing mechanism. These sensors sense the distance of your body from the toilet and then flush off the discharge. There is also another technology to activate the flushing mechanism; you can simply wave your hand in front of the toilet to activate the flush. AGL Smart toilets are environmentally friendly and make your bathroom look super techy.

2.Two-Piece Toilets:

Two-Piece Toilets

A two-piece water closet is a commode where the tank and the pot are separate units that are connected. The tank is placed behind the pot in a way that it looks like one unit, but technically it’s a separate unit from the pot. Many manufacturers also produce one piece toilets for customers who like the units being combined. AGL offers you beautiful two-piece toilet – water closet designs that will fit well with the look of your bathroom and will also complement the interior as a whole.

3.Wall-Hung Toilets:

Wall-Hung Toilets

This type of toilet is a system in which the toilet is mounted to the wall, while the tank is installed inside the wall. This type of toilet takes up less space. These toilets are great space givers and they save about 10 inches of space by installing the tank into the wall. Since the tank is installed inside the wall and is hidden it gives the bathroom a modern look. Wall-hung toilets also give accessibility to better hygiene as it leaves little space from the ground.

4.One-Piece Toilets:

One-Piece Toilets

The basic difference between a two-piece toilet and a one-piece toilet is that; in a one-piece toilet, the tank or cistern is directly connected to the bowl, so it is one unit whereas in two piece units the tank and the pot are two separate units which are joined. This type of toilet is easier to clean as it has no gaps and spaces between the pot and the toilet tank. It’s very hygienic to use as it does not have any space for the dirt and grime to gather.


Smart commodes (EWC) are the best type of water closet. It is the most comfortable and techy water closet out of the lot. It has an automatic flushing mechanism and temperature-controlled seat cover and self-cleaning system. It has sensors that sense the distance of the body from the body and then flush.

There are 4 types of toilets namely - smart toilets, two-piece toilets, wall hung toilets, and one-piece toilets.

In terms of good digestion, squatting pressurizes the stomach which aids in digestion and churning of food properly. It leads to satisfactory clearance of stool. Whereas, western toilets are more preferred in terms of maintaining hygiene.

One-piece toilets give accessibility to better cleaning as it has no gaps in between where the dirt and grime can get accumulated.