7 Decor Ideas for Cozy Balcony

To have a private outdoor space is everyone’s dream. Now that the weather is finally warming up, evening tea-time in the balcony feels like a blessing. Even if it’s a small space, balconies and the views in high-rise buildings are to die for. Decorating a small balcony is as tricky as it is to decorate a big balcony. A lot of ideas and thought process goes into implementing it. If you are looking for ideas that incorporate style with comfort, you are at the right place because we are going to give you the 7 best ideas in which you can décor your cozy balcony.

Decor Ideas for Cozy Balcony

1.Opt for Cozy Settings

Big spaces give you a lot of room for experimenting with the décor but small balconies add that cozy corner to the house. It does not limit one to experiment with the decor or from incorporating style keeping in mind the comfort just because it is ‘small’. ‘Keeping it cozy is the new black’ meaning that it’s trendy. Adding a side table, some potted plants for that greenery, rugs, and throw pillows on the sitting corner adds up to the beauty of the balcony.

2.Utilize The Wall Space:

Empty walls spaces look very monotonous. To break this monotony, you can paint the wall according to the theme of your balcony. You can also hang up a canvas painting, or a beautiful macramé to fill up that wall space. Adding mirrors to the wall will make the space look bigger. Mirrors give the illusion of a bigger space. Walls are always open to creativity. A nice textured wall can make the space look happening and attractive.

3.Opt for Folding Furniture:

Folding furniture can save a lot of space in your compact balcony. Investing in furniture that is adjustable and complements any part of the house, be it a living room or a drawing-room, is very necessary. There are also a lot of other furniture options that are available in the market. These are called convertible furniture, like a small table can be converted into a chair and vice-versa considering the need.

4.Incorporate a Small Work Station:

Amidst the uncertainty of covid, it is very important to have a proper workstation at home. You can set up a tiny workstation on your balcony so that the work environment remains fresh and exciting. This way you can also find ways to stay connected with nature while being quarantined at home.

5.Surround Yourself With Nature:

As we discussed in the point above, it is very important to keep ourselves surrounded by nature. Adding potted plants makes the place look aesthetic and the greenery complements the elements of nature. There are a lot of plants that do not need much maintenance but are used as natural décor for the house. Balcony railings are used as a support to hang these plants. This is a fresh concept and is now found in almost every household.

6.Plan The Décor according to the theme:

Many people design the interior of their house theme-wise. A balcony is also an integral part of the house. Considering this, balconies should also follow some theme. This will make the home look so much better in terms of interior and style.

7.Make Sure You Choose The Right Tile:

This point is as much important as any other point. If you have a themed balcony, make sure you choose a tile that complements it. AGL offers a variety of tiles that you can choose from. From printed to neutral colors, the selection of a tile can itself add so much character to the house.

8.Color Coordinated Pillows, Rugs, And Throws:

Color Coordination plays a vital role in how the look of the balcony feels. These things like rugs and throws; are essentials of home decoration for people who are minimalist lovers.


You can add greenery, add pillows, rugs and throws In your seating corner, incorporate a little work station, and opt for convertible furniture.

You can add a rug on the balcony floor. If not, you can select patterned floor tiles from AGL.

Yes, fake grass is also an option. If you aren’t a plant lover, for that green element you can opt for fake grass mats available in the market.

Be cautious while selecting the rugs. Select a rug is UV safe. Polypropylene rugs are resistant to the UV rays and it also tends to remain fresh for a long time.