5 Useful Tips To Choose The Best Parking Tiles

Agree or not, parking tiles create the first impression. They add essence of beauty to the appearance of the house. The choice of the tiles says a lot about you and as they are the first things anybody can see before they enter the house, one must select something that suits the overall look of the house. Outdoor tiles are prone to extreme weather conditions so the durability of the tile is a very important aspect. When we think about parking tiles, all we can think about is those cliché tiles that we find everywhere. To break this monotony, AGL has come up with parking tiles in different designs, patterns, and even colors.

In a densely populated country like India, parking is a major concern. To keep up with the style and to maintain durability at the same time becomes a task. Hence, to help you out with this problem, we are here with 6 useful tips that will help you to choose the best parking tiles.

How to Choose Best Parking Tiles

1.The Durability of the Tile:

The durability of the tile depends upon the quality of the tile. The durability of the tile should be such that it should be able to resist the rigors of daily life. To know whether any tile is durable or not, takes it through the durability test. Get a sample tile; try denting it with heels, car keys, and weights. Anything that you think will damage the floor should be included during the durability test. If the tile passes these tests, Go ahead, THAT’S YOUR TILE!

2.Choose a Design That Suits Your House:

As we discussed earlier, tiles are the first things anyone will notice before entering the house. So, choosing a design that suits your house is important. Outdoor parking tiles should be such that it complements the outlook of your house. There is a variety of products available in the market so one must be mindful while selecting the tile.

3.Assure the Quality of Tiles:

Before you finalize your tile, the quality of the tile should be properly studied. Quality is directly proportional to durability. These tiles are open to harsh weather conditions and tend to become slippery during monsoons. So, if you’re planning to buy outdoor parking tiles, make sure your priority is to check the quality of the tile.

4.Do your Research Well:

It is always good to research before you are planning to buy something. The research includes considering the word of mouth or referring to the online reviews posted by the customers. One can also research about the company he is buying tiles from, whether it’s a trusted and well-known brand. ‘What is the company’s best seller’ or ‘what other products are available’ are a few good questions that should be kept in mind.

5.Select a Good Brand:

While doing your research, you will come across a lot of brands that are offering the same thing. However, when you consider the online reviews and the word of mouths, you will have only a handful of companies that will fit your requirements and desires. Hence, this way you can select a good brand.

Outdoor parking tiles should be selected keeping in mind all the above 5 points. Clear your mind and what you’re looking for, consider better options if available, and never settle for something because it’s less pricy. If you keep these points in mind, it will help you find the best outdoor tile for your house.


AGL’s Vitrified and porcelain tiles are considered to be very durable. They have enough strength and resistance to bear extreme temperatures. And over the top, these tiles are polished while in production so they do not need to be polished after installation.

Limestone is the best when it comes to selecting natural stones for parking. It has commendable strength and durability and it is also available in different designs and patterns.

Light Grey color is the best when it comes to choosing parking tiles. It has remained a classic choice for people over years and so it will never get out of style. You can check out AGL’s Grano Grey Plus and Rodiz Blue Plus which is also an outdoor tile in light grey color.

AGL Parking tiles are temperature resistant. This makes it durable. Vitrified tiles are high in quality because it is resistant to scratches, water, dents, and stains.